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Citizen Celebrates 50 years of Titanium In Watchmaking

This year, Citizen is proud to announce the release of the Satellite Wave GPS F950 to honor and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand’s first titanium watch, the X8 Chronometer, in 1970. The new watch is the culmination of 50 years worth of knowledge and expertise coalescing into the ultimate expression of titanium in the form of Citizen’s own Super Titanium. Innovations are earned, and Citizen was the first watch brand to pioneer use of this material in consumer grade watches, and with each generation a new benchmark has been set. The 50th anniversary is no exception. 

When Citizen released the X8 Chronometer, there was nothing like it on the market. The watch utilized Citizen’s battery-powered caliber 0820, a certified chronometer that utilized a balance wheel similar to traditional mechanical movements. This was packaged into a case constructed of 99.6% pure titanium. It was lightweight, highly accurate, and even scratch resistant. The X8 naming convention signifies the optimism inherent in the watch: the “X” signifying venturing into the unknown, while the “8” takes on the meaning of the infinity symbol. This watch launched Citizen on the journey to pursue perfection in the medium of titanium.

The Titanium Citizen X8

The next step was refining the material for a new generation of watches. In 1987, Citizen released the ATTESA, which featured a more refined, polished finish that gave the watch greater flexibility as a formal option. By 2000, Citizen developed Super Titanium, a material 50% more scratch resistant than steel thanks to a proprietary surface hardening technology called Duratect. The new material still refuses to compromise on weight, and is 40% lighter than steel. In addition to these physical benefits, the material is also able to take on a greater variety of color, making for an infinite source of inspiration and possibilities. 

The first watch to feature Super Titanium was the ASPEC World Time, a watch that ushered in the new millennium with a bold new style, and one that would go on to set the tone for a decade of technological advancements, from Duratect with DLC, to Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. In 2018, Citizen released the incredibly thin Eco-Drive One, which placed a 1mm thick movement within a Super Titanium case that measures just 3.53mm in total thickness.

The 50th anniversary limited edition Satellite Wave GPS F950 is based on two prior models from 2014 and 2015, the Satellite Wave GPS F100 and F900. These watches utilized a unique design language to bring a progressive level of structure and dimensionality to their cases. The new GPS F950 continues with this theme, only pushing it further than ever before. Literally. The space theme of the watch follows suit, as it will be put to use on Japan’s lunar exploration project, “HAKUTO-R4″.


The new Satellite Wave GPS F950 uses two main components for the case, one a Duratect DLC sleeve, with a Sakura Pink inner case creating a beautiful contrast that is carried through the design elements found on the dial and bezel. This houses the F950, a top-of-the-line movement featuring Eco-Drive GPS SATELLITE WAVE technology. This means light is used as a source of power, and that satellite reception technology keeps the watch working and with remarkable accuracy (think +/- 5 seconds per month). This happens thanks to the ability to receive GPS satellite signals within 3 seconds, and offers blistering fast watch hand movements through a high-speed twin-coil motor that’s capable of rotating the second hand 360° forward or reverse in a single second.

The SATELLITE WAVE GPS 950 will be limited to just 550 examples worldwide, with a retail price of $5,000. If you’re unable to secure the GPS950, don’t miss the new Super Titanium Armor collection, which consists of 3 watches, each with cases of Super Titanium, and Eco-Drive movements. These are each priced from $550 to $650 depending on the model you select. The Chronograph in particular brings a soft yet prominent feeling to the wrist with a fashion forward, contemporary design. The Super Titanium case wears effortlessly on the wrist thanks to the lightweight nature of the material, and use is a breeze thanks to the Eco-Drive technology. These watches also get the angular case design and linked bracelet reminiscent of the GPS 950, and all three are released in celebration of the 50th anniversary, though they are non limited in production. 


Learn more about each of these watches from Citizen online right here.

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