Crown & Caliber and DOXA Team Up to Offer a Capsule Collection of Watches

If you’re a fan of dive watches, then chances are that DOXA holds a special place in your dive watch-loving heart. For the start of 2018, the storied brand has teamed up with Crown & Caliber, one of the leading sources for pre-owned watches on the Internet, to offer a curated capsule collection of some really cool and relatively rare— and some long-since sold out—DOXA watches through Crown & Caliber’s website.

The collection is built around five distinct models. The first is a turquoise-dialed NUMA Sub 1200T Professional, a watch designed in collaboration with the National Underwater & Marine Agency. Next is a dark blue-dialed NUMA Sub 1200T Professional, the same as above but with a tempered navy dial. The Sub Professional Mission 31 is a watch DOXA created in collaboration with Fabien Cousteau to mark Mission 31, which was a month-long effort to live underwater. Finally, there’s the Sharkhunter Sub 5000T and Sharkhunter Military Sub 5000T, the former in stainless steel and the latter in PVD.

turquoise-dialed NUMA Sub 1200T Professional
dark blue-dialed NUMA Sub 1200T Professional
Sub Professional Mission 31
Sharkhunter Sub 5000T
Sharkhunter Military Sub 5000T

In total, there are 20 units available. All the watches being offered are in unworn condition—these are NOS—and each watch comes with a one-year warranty from Crown & Caliber.

The sale is now live. To see the full collection on offer, visit Crown & Caliber.

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