Damasko Returns With Two New Chronographs

Damasko is known for their innovation and the integration of their patented technologies into a minimal, straightforward package. The robust and hard wearing nature of their watches is something to consistently expect from the German watch manufacturer, and yet it seems that Damasko continues to fly under the radar despite the plentiful offerings they have throughout their catalog. Damasko has announced two more additions to their chronograph collection with the DC76/2 and DC86/2; subtle changes that update the previous iterations of the two paired with rugged German engineering.


With a black dial and clear cut white markers and numerals, the DC76/2 and DC86/2 are highly legible. The hour markers on the DC76/2 and DC86/2 are stubbier and no longer extend towards the center of the dial as they did on the previous models.The subdials remain in the same position with the 24 hour indicator at three, 12 hour chronograph counter at six and a running seconds register at nine. The date window between four and five o’clock houses a black date wheel with white numerals that secretly camouflages within the dial. Damasko usually opts for minimal branding, solely displaying their name and logo. This is usually enough for those who are keen on the brand as the name is enough to inform that the watch is more than capable and filled with the latest innovations. But again, Damasko is a brand that might not be known to those outside of the enthusiast community, so the extra writing on the dial in the form of “Central Minute Counter” and “Military Certified” makes the key features immediately obvious and solidifies the credibility of the watch. This is no different than when we see brands put the water resistance rating or COSC certification on the dial. Not to mention the extra writing also fills the negative space above the subdials while still keeping the simplicity of the dial. This is a refreshing look for Damasko and a subtle, but welcomed change.


The Damasko DC76/2 and DC86/2 uses their in-house C51-6 movement which is a heavily modified Valjoux chronograph movement modeled after the legendary Lemania 5100. The Lemania 5100 developed its workhorse reputation as it was slowly adopted by military units around the world for its robustness and dependability at the time of production. The chronograph feature uses a set of hands anchored at the center of the dial to display elapsed time when the timing feature is activated. One hand acts as the running seconds and the other, with a set of wings flaring out towards the tip, acts as the minute counter. Once the seconds hand makes its full revolution around the dial, the minute hand advances, making this feature way more legible when keeping track of time as opposed to a chronograph minute counter packed into a subdial.

DC86/2 With Damasko’s Proprietary Damest® Coating

Encasing the sturdy movement is an even sturdier case. Both the DC76/2 and DC86/2 cases are constructed out of molten steel that has been infused with Nitrogen (0.35% to be exact) under high pressure resulting in an ice hardened case that hits the maximum Rockwell hardness score of 62. In short, the watch is extremely scratch resistant.  The DC76/2 comes in a steel case with a matted exterior that spans 41 mm wide and 14.6 mm tall when factoring in the crystal. There are two variations of the DC86/2; one in steel and the other in a black case which uses Damasko’s proprietary Damest® coating. The DC86/2 maintains its previous form as well, coming in at 42 mm in width and 14.4 mm in thickness. The bi-directional rotating bezel of the DC86/2 sees some discrete changes, as the numerals are larger and bolder, and no longer contain the encircling hashmarks.

The DC76/2 and DC86/2 will maintain water resistance up to 100 meters and the “Damasko System,” which contains Grade 5 Titanium screw tubes, ensures that the pushers will remain “wear free” and usable at depth. Damasko has left no stone unturned when it comes to making sure their watches will hold up in the field. The DC76/2 and DC86/2 utilize pretty much everything Damasko has to offer tech wise while refining the overall aesthetic of the dial.

Damasko is currently accepting orders for the DC76/2 and DC86/2 with an estimated 3 to 4 month delivery timeline. The DC86/2 will retail for ~ $4043 and the retail price for the DC76/2 is still to be determined. Damasko

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