Diving, Racing, and Flying with the Adventurous Watches of the Abingdon Company

This year’s Windup Watch Fair in New York City was the biggest one yet, and that couldn’t have happened without a few brands making their debut at the show. One of those brands, the Abingdon Company, made a large splash with their unique assortment of sports watches geared primarily towards a female clientele. And not only was this Abingdon’s first Windup, it was their first dedicated watch fair of any kind. 

The brand was founded 15 years ago by Abingdon Mullin, and during that time she’s built up a dedicated base of support by directly engaging her customers in the places she always expected to find them. For Abingdon, a licensed pilot, racing enthusiast, and diver, that meant taking her brand to air shows, car shows, and the like, and meeting the women who participate in these activities who have a genuine need for these watches.

We sat down with Abingdon during Windup so she could introduce some of the cornerstone watches in her brand’s expansive catalog. These are sports watches that have been designed with input from actual customers and users who wear them while diving, flying, racing, hunting, and so many other activities. Abingdon watches use a mix of mechanical and quartz movements sourced from Switzerland, Japan, and the United States, and feature a variety of complications and functions including dive bezels, chronographs, and the ability to track multiple time zones. And of course, they have a distinctive look, full of bright colors, accented by interchangeable straps and bracelets that allow owners to give their watches a personalized look. 

Be sure to check out the entire Abingdon Company collection at their website right here.

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