DOXA Brings Back The Sub 300

The DOXA Sub 300 is back, and while it might look familiar, the changes under the hood bring this iconic diver into the sweet spot without spoiling the nostalgia. The new watch is more approachable than ever thanks to a slimmer case design and a bevy of colorful dial and strap options. Make no mistake, that ‘60s character we know and love with the Sub 300 is well preserved in this release, as DOXA clearly saw no sense in fixing something that ain’t broken. Unlike the 50th anniversary model that was released a few years back (which we reviewed here), the new Sub 300 is not a limited edition. 

DOXA Sub 300 in Navy Caribbean

The colorful additions we’ve seen on the 300T all make their way over to the new 300, along with dial matched rubber strap options. Naturally, the classic ‘beads of rice’ bracelet are also offered as standard. We’d recommend getting both, obviously, but the Sub 300 is timeless on the BoR bracelet, not to mention quite comfortable.


The new Sub 300 is a welcome addition to DOXA’s stable of dive watches, not just for its heritage, which dates back to 1967 and has close ties to Jacques Cousteau, but also for its well considered execution. The new 300 features a COSC certified automatic ETA 2824-2 movement, meaning it sits at the top of the four grades offered of this particular caliber. It also means a reliable -4/+6 seconds per day of accuracy. 

DOXA Sub 300 in Aquamarine

In addition to the upgraded internals, the case also receives a revamp by trimming the thickness down to a hair over 13mm, which is a noticeable improvement over the 300T’s 14mm thick case. The 42.5 x 45mm diameter remains, meaning this should be the most wearable modern DOXA Sub 300 variant.

In total, there are 6 colorways being offered with the new Sub 300, none will come as a surprise as even the nomenclature remains the same as the 300T lineup. They are: Divingstar (yellow); Professional (classic orange); Sharkhunter (black); Searambler (silver); Aquamarine (teal); and Caribbean (navy). Each can be had with a matching rubber strap, save for the Searambler, which is offered on a black rubber strap. 

DOXA Sub 300 Sharkhunter on the wrist

Pricing ranges from $2,450 on rubber, and $2,490 on a steel BoR bracelet. These watches are on sale now on DOXA’s own website, right here. This is a non-limited, regular production watch. 

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