The Everyday Watch by MIJLO

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Sometimes people just want something basic. Not every product has to make a big splash or pull off some fancy tricks to get people to like it. At times, simplicity is key. The Kickstarter project for the Everyday Watch seeks to showcase that simplicity and offer something functional as well.


The Everyday Watch is a straight-forward idea: two watches and five bands that give the wearer ten different looks. The company behind the project, MILJO, launched their first campaign with the Better Backpack concept. It launched their collection of well designed goods that can be seen on their shop. The items there are simple and clean with occasional splashes of color.


The two watches included are basic quartz pieces with minimal dials and hands, yet a touch of personality, reflecting the design elements seen in the MILJO shop. One watch has a silver case and numerals while the other is gold and has just stick markers. The cases for the two are the same at 38mm in diameter and come with mineral crystals. The thin aluminum hands are the same across both watches and are tri-colored: the hour hand is black, the minutes charcoal gray, and the seconds orange. The dials of both models look to be white or an off-white in color. Interestingly, the watches seen in the kickstarter campaign were chosen via survey, or crowd sourced if-you-will, on their site designawatch. As a side note to the project, this is an interesting way to make final design decisions.

Everyday Watch Strap

The main selling point of the set is the five straps, each with quick release spring bars. The spring bars are built into the straps and a small lever on the back is used to release the strap from the watch. It is not a new concept as these straps have been around a while, but including five of them, each different, does provide an easy way to change up the look of the watch. The straps are brown leather, tan leather, black textured leather, blue rubber and a green canvas and leather. MILJO offers a five year strap replacement guarantee on all of their straps; if it breaks or wears out you can get a replacement strap ordered on-line. The whole package comes with a felt watch roll case that keeps the collection neatly together.

All that said, what makes their project stand out is the well done and clever video for the campaign. Many Kickstarter projects have informative yet rather bland videos; the Everyday Watch video is certainly not bland. If the project itself does not appeal to you at least check out the video. It is entertaining and tells their target audience just what they need to know about the project and does it in a very hip, and well edited way.

Everyday Watch 2

The Everyday Watch campaign runs through Sunday, September 7, 2014, and has already exceeded their $25,000 CAD goal. If you are interested the current backer pledge is $217 CAD to get a set of the two watches, five straps and the watch roll. When that runs out the next level is $227 CAD for the kit. It may not be for everyone, but based on other MILJO products they know their audience and the Everyday Watch is bound to be a hit for them. You can see all the details on the project on their Kickstarter page.

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