Farer Launches the New Tonneau Collection, with Colors Inspired by European Cities

British brand Farer’s latest collection is an ode to form and aesthetics. Called the Tonneau Collection, the three watches each show that style doesn’t have to lack substance; but can, in fact, be a jumping-off point for great design and a reliable watch.

As the name denotes, each watch within this collection has a barrel-shaped, rounded rectangle case, mixing clean lines and smooth curves all in one. At just 35mm, it’s a watch that balances comfort on the wrist while still having a covetable presence when worn, and this is due in part to the particular color combinations that Farer used for the collection.

Each of the three color options embody the spirit and energy of a particular city: Milan, London, and Paris. Milan’s vibrant emerald fumé dial is a callback to green-glazed ceramics that traversed the ancient world and still has a timeless sophistication – just like Milan. The emerald green is paired with polished silver batons, a stainless steel case, and a rich brown St Venere leather strap to balance the urbanity of the Northern Italian city.

London is a nod to the Mod era of the 1970’s, with Farer being inspired by two-handed watches of this time period. With clean lines and a ridged pattern around the face, one can appreciate the geometry that goes into a well-designed timepiece. The dominant colors (or should I say colours) of this watch are blue, white, and red, each perfectly in balance to not compete but complement one another. The London model is complete with dark blue leather strap.

Last of the collection, Paris is a subtle answer to London and Milan. Inspired by the infamous (and Instagram-worthy) street signs that dot the various les rues, boulevards et avenues de Paris. To complement the vibrant tonality of the metallic royal blue face is a toned down gray watch strap, which, in part, is reminiscent of the romantic rainy days that comes to many a mind’s eye when one thinks of the French capital. To complete the look and hammer home the sangfroid of Paris is the discrete minute track, which features a matte texture that provides a break in the brushed dial finish.

Each watch is powered by a Sellita SW300-1 Elaboré movement, which has been modified to remove the second hand. This movement can be seen in action through the exhibition glass on the rear of the watch and has a power reserve of 56 hours. 

This collection is available as of today from Farer’s website for $1,250. Farer

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