Father’s Day Sale at Shop.wornandwound.com

Father’s day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t picked something up yet for your Pops, check this out. From now until the end of the the 19th, we’ll be offering 10% off all watch straps. To get the discount, simply head to shop.wornandwound.com, pick out some straps, and enter “Fathers2016” at checkout.

Which strap to get? Well, we have quite a few. All of which are original worn&wound designs that are proudly made in America:


Model 1s are big, beefy straps with straight cut sides, thick edge paint and a single contrast keeper. They have a modern, minimal appearance that goes great with tool and sport watches. $99, available here.

Our Model 2 Classics are our simplest 2-piece strap. Made of unlined Wickett & Craig leather, they have a slight taper, no paint and both metal and leather keepers. These are great way to add more style to a day-to-day watch. $65, available here.


The Model 2 Premium is an evolution on the Classic, now featuring Horween top leathers for a gorgeous variety of colors and texture, with Wickett & Craig lining leather for durability and comfortable. These go great with vintage watches. $89, available here


The Model 2 Cordovan is the same style and design as the Classic, but made with luxurious Italian Shell Cordovan. This rare Equine leather is revered for it’s supple feel and incredible durability. These look great on more formal watches and vintage pieces. $89, available here


The Single Pass is the worn&wound take on a classic style. These straps are single pieces of unlined, unpainted leather that sit behind the springbars, or “pass-through” if there is space. These go great on anything military inspired or with wire lugs. Available in leather for $65 and Cordovan for $89.


Lastly, we have our Horween Leather Mil-Straps. Also based off of a classic military style of watch strap, these heavy-duty straps make a statement. Made out of thick cut Horween leather, they are a stylish take on the famous military strap. These go great on big sport watches and pilot watches. $65, Available here.


10% off all straps
use “FATHERS2016” at checkout
valid 6/10 – 6/19

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