G-Shock Goes Sci-Fi with the Titanium GMW-B5000TVA

G-Shock’s latest watch modeled after their classic square shaped timepieces is deceptively creative. At a glance, the GMW-B5000TVA might look like any number of other full metal G-Shocks. But take a second look at the details, and you’ll find something rather unusual going on. Throughout the watch’s case and bracelet, G-Shock has laser etched model numbers and wording marks. It gives the watch the feeling of a prototype, or of something rare and perhaps unfinished. Why have they done this? G-Shock explains that they were inspired by a “virtual reality worldview” and “powered suits.” OK, cool. What does that mean exactly? We’re not really sure, and frankly it’s fine if G-Shock is just making things up as they go along, because the watch that has resulted from this project is strangely evocative and a lot of fun. It has a futuristic, aggressive feel to it, and seems modeled after something coming from a speculative sci-fi tradition.


What G-Shock has done here is fashion a DLC coated titanium watch in their signature form factor, and labeled virtually every key component, making the watch look like it was written straight off the original schematics. The clasp, for instance, has text on it describing the multi-band sensors inside the watch. Individual links on the bracelet show arrows indicating how pins are removed for sizing, and the words “Diamond Like Carbon Coating” have been lasered into the case flank. If you’re the type who is bothered by excessive text on a dial, this is likely a watch you’ll skip.

One unique feature of this watch beyond the playful aesthetic choice is the resin buffering system located between the titanium bezel and case. This layer of red resin bolsters the shock resistance of the watch, and can be seen from multiple angles, including from the watch’s backside (of course, it’s helpfully labeled on the dial side). The pop of red helps to accentuate the finishing of the watch, which is artfully brushed throughout, and features a sapphire crystal for the best possible optics when looking at the screen (also aided by an LED backlight). The GMW-B5000TVA is a premium G-Shock in every respect, and includes the full suite of higher end G-Shock features, including the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the G-Shock Connected app, making this not quite a smartwatch, but getting fairly close. 

The GMW-B5000TVA is expected in G-Shock retailers this month and has a retail price of $1,650. G-Shock

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