G-Shock’s Latest Frogman is a Collaboration with the Royal Navy

If you’re a G-Shock collector with an overlapping interest in military history, the newest version of the Frogman is sure to be of interest. The Frogman is G-Shock’s super tough watch made with divers in mind, and this one is outfitted with the latest G-Shock tech and built on the same platform as the GWFA1000 series we told you about here, the first Frogman watches with a full analog display. By its very nature, the Frogman is a tactical timepiece that seems well suited to military applications, and this variant fully embraces that idea as a collaborative watch made in partnership with the Royal Navy. 


This reference, GWFA1000RN8A, has all of the same technical features as last year’s analog Frogman, which means it’s made with a monocoque case design featuring carbon reinforced resin for increased rigidity and durability, and a “Dive Mode” function that automatically overlaps the hour and minute hand, making it easier to count elapsed minutes at a glance without any distractions (G-Shock dials tend to provide a lot of information, so anything that strips down the experience of reading information off of them at a glance is likely to be quite useful). When the Dive Mode is turned off, the hands automatically go back to displaying the correct time, and can easily be switched back to Dive Mode again if necessary without a reset. And the buttons on the Frogman have been engineered to be easy to use at depth. It’s clear that G-Shock has made a concerted effort here to provide a user experience that actual divers will appreciate, while still adhering to a particular G-Shock design language that is well understood by collectors and enthusiasts. 

The Royal Navy connection can be most easily seen in this watch’s colorway. The case and strap are light gray, in a tone that’s meant to match the hull of the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier. Additionally, the metal keeper on the strap is engraved with the Royal Navy logo, and the watch’s packaging features the logo as well. This is a fairly restrained special edition, though, with subtle tributes to the Royal Navy rather than clear references on the dial. That seems like the right decision, and makes for a watch that is more appealing on its own terms, and not just as a commemorative object. 

Like last year’s Frogman, this one includes a bunch of high tech features that bring it nearly into smart watch territory, including the ability to link via Bluetooth to a G-Shock app that allows the user to control certain functions of the watch remotely, including a detailed dive log. Unsurprisingly, this G-Shock is made to be worn on a large wrist, and measures a whopping 56.7mm x 53.3mm, and is just shy of 20mm thick. While it’s not exactly ready to be slipped under a cuff, it’s certainly capable of handling nearly any water based activity you can throw at it. 

The GWFA1000RN8A is available for pre-order now on the G-Shock website, with a retail price of $1,000. G-Shock

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