Get a Free Nomos!


Ok, that title is admittedly misleading. No, you can’t have a free Nomos watch, but you can make your own Nomos timepiece. In honor of spring, the designers in Glashütte put together a DIY Sundial for your time telling pleasure. Simply print the PDF on their site, cut out the slot, insert a pencil and orient 12am towards north. The sun will do the rest, and wherever your shadow lies will tell you the time. I have to say, there is something incredibly charming about a brand making DIY Sundials for their fans.

Oddly enough, this isn’t Nomos’ first use of the sun in a timepiece. Their “Sonnenuhr” (yes, that means Sundial) is a small pendant consisting of interlocked rings. Jokingly, Nomos refers to this as “the lowest priced manufactory caliber from Glashütte”. On the outside of the rings is a calendar and on the inside is an index for the time. There is also a single hole passing through to allow sunlight to hit the inside ring. One tells the time seeing where the dot of light strikes the index on the internal ring. The calendar is used to calibrate the Sonnenuhr for different times of the year. It should be of no surprise that it’s a remarkably elegant piece, suitable as jewelry or home décor. And at $175, a great gift for a watch or clock nerd, though they’re currently only models made for New York, Glashütte and Madrid.

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