December 5, 2022
6 Gifts for Globetrotters with Jack Mason’s New GMT
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A true GMT watch is what every traveling watch enthusiast dreams of. Flying across time zones and adjusting your main hour hand on the go with a simple twist of the crown. Up until very recently, it was hard to find a widely available movement that allowed for a jumping hour hand. Most brands could only get their hands on a “caller” GMT, which jumps the dedicated GMT hand, leaving your main hour hand in place. If you were staying put, say at your desk and doing business with someone across the country, the “caller” GMT gets the job done. But if you’re doing some serious traveling with several stops in different time zones, there’s no denying the ease of use that a “true” or “flyer” GMT brings to the table. That’s where Jack Mason comes in with their brand new Strat-o-timer GMT—a handsome and affordable GMT watch with a highly capable movement inside. Let’s take a look at some awesome gifts that are ideal for the globetrotter in your life, starting off with Jack Mason’s newest timepiece.

Jack Mason Strat-o-timer GMT Watch

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jack Mason is a brand with a keen eye for quality and design. Their newest Strat-o-timer GMT is a “true” or “flyer” GMT that makes use of the brand new Mioyta 9075. This movement allows for the hour hand to be jumped independently, making for quick and easy time changes when  passing through different time zones while traveling. Jack Mason regulates the movements in-house to attain an impressive accuracy of +/-5 seconds per day. The watch itself features a vintage-inspired 316L stainless steel case that measures in at a comfortable 40mm wide by 13mm thick (which includes the double-domed box sapphire). There’s a bi-directional 48 click bezel with a blue and red sapphire insert up top. Keeping the watch on wrist is a tapered jubilee-style bracelet with solid end links and an on-the-fly micro adjust clasp. At just under $1000, the Strat-o-timer represents an excellent value in terms of functionality and quality—a perfect gift for that next globetrotting trip.


NOCS Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars

Give the gift of sight with a pair of NOCS and punch in on all the small architectural details on a historic building, or observe some wildlife from a safe distance. NOCS are built to last, featuring waterproof construction and a rubberized body with a no-slip grip pattern. These small binoculars are compact and easy to carry, thanks to the included lanyard and dust bag that’ll keep them safe in luggage. Choose from 8x or 10x magnification, each with their own benefits. NOCS are built for travel with their durable body and IPX7 waterproof factor. They’re even filled with nitrogen to ensure fogless operation, leaving you with a crystal-clear view no matter what the conditions.


Topo Designs Global Travel Bag

Carry-on compliant and built to last, this 30 liter bag from Colorado’s Topo Designs is ready for travel. Whether it’s used as a main bag for a quick weekend getaway or a carry-on for essentials, the Global Travel Bag is a great option for the globetrotter in your life. The bag features extra durable construction thanks to the 1000D, 400D, and 210D recycled nylon, and 1680D ballistic nylon used throughout. This is a structured bag, which features a lightweight and comfortable foam back panel for extra comfort. Inside and out, there are plenty of organization pockets and attachment points so that important gear is always accessible and protected. Topo’s Global Travel Bag is available in several different colorways making it easy to spot in a sea of suitcases. 


Standard H Avant T

Having a solid tee shirt as a primary go-to takes a lot of the hassle out of transcontinental travel. One such shirt is the Avant T from Standard H. It’s an ideal mainstay of the packing process. They draw inspiration from travel and the automotive world, with the resulting garments sporting familiar names and handy features. The Avant T might look like a normal tee shirt at first glance, but there are some awesome features that set it apart from the rest. Most notably, the chest pocket is sized just right to carry a passport or pair of sunglasses for that globetrotter in your life. While the gusseted sides and underarm allow a wide range of motion. Each shirt features premium construction, since they’re cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles within a 5 mile radius.


Doane Paper Dot Plot Idea Journal

One of the best ways to make sure you remember everything you did on vacation is to journal while you’re there. Even if you’re not going full-on Hemingway, a few notes about favorite restaurants, a sketch of a famous building, or some thoughts along the way all need a place to be written down. Doane Paper has their own ruling that they call Dot Plot, and it makes taking any kind of notes/sketching a unique experience. The paper makes it especially ideal for both words and sketches, giving basic structure to the page while still enabling white space for capturing those big ideas. The convenient form factor looks utilitarian and rugged, the perfect low profile gift for globetrotters on the go.


Y Studio Portable Ballpoint Pen

If you’re gifting a notebook, it’s a good idea to also scoop something to write in it with. Y Studio makes some of the coolest pens around, and their Portable Ballpoint is the perfect stocking stuffer. This pen features a lanyard loop and brass shackle at the top, perfect for fastening it to a bag or wearing it around the neck. This feature makes it an ideal, easily-accessible travel companion. Weighing in at 31 grams, the pen feels nice and substantial in hand. One of the coolest parts about the pen is the finish. It’s made to wear away over time, revealing the brass surface beneath. If you happen to know a fan of patina, then this pen is an excellent complement to their favorite vintage-inspired timepiece. Each bump and nick tells the story of its travels (and if they get a little impatient, they can always speed the aging process up with the included sandpaper). 


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December 5, 2022