Hamilton Khaki Field Gets A Bronze Makeover

Today, in watches filed under “makes so much sense I thought it already existed” we get news of Hamilton’s popular Khaki Field mechanical watch receiving a bronze case. Bronze cases have become somewhat ubiquitous in recent years, appearing on everything from Tudor to Oris, but there’s no arguing it feels a bit more at home on some watches than it does on others. The Hamilton Khaki Field embraces the material with ease, and looks all the better for it.


The case remains a lovely 38mm in diameter, rendered in a warm, lightly weathered bronze. There’s a matte texture appearance here meaning the color isn’t entirely uniform, and of course, being bronze, the case will oxidize and patina over time. Hamilton used a resistant alloy alloy (CuSn8, Cu = 91.78% / Sn = 8.18%),  used in marine industry for anti-corrosive properties, so exactly how the aging will take hold remains to be seen and will largely be up to the wearer’s environment. The caseback is titanium to protect your wrist from any unsightly reactions. 

The dial captures the iconic field watch design we know and love from Hamilton, with light brown colored lume at the hours and within the hands compliment the new case. Powering the watch is the hand-wound H-50 movement, made specifically for Hamilton. Call it one of the perks of being in the Swatch Group. No complaints here, though; it’s a great unit that offers 80 hours of reserve and is slim enough to keep the case under 10mm in total thickness. 

Hamilton is using a brown calf leather NATO strap with a titanium pin buckle as standard issue here, which picks up the ‘40s field watch vibe of the rest of the watch perfectly. The Khaki Field Bronze is priced at $825 and is available for purchase now. Hamilton.

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