Imperial Follows Up the Success of their Royalguard 200 with the Oceanguard GMT, Another Colorful Homage to the Eberhard Scafograf

Everyone says that the sophomore album is what makes or breaks an artist. Well, how about a watch company? In this instance we have Imperial Watch Co.’s follow-up to their successful Royalguard 200, the Oceanguard GMT. The Oceanguard GMT builds off the Royalguard and takes advantage of Seiko’s affordable caller GMT movement, the Seiko NH34. Like the original Royalguard, the Oceanguard continues to pay homage to the Eberhard Scafograf 300, keeping a similar design language from its predecessor with some notable departures. 

It’s no secret that GMTs are popular among watch enthusiasts, so it seems like a natural progression that Imperial has added this complication to their new Oceanguard, while maintaining the same case proportions as the Royalguard. With a case diameter of 38mm, thickness of 14mm, lug-to-lug of 47mm, and lug width of 20mm, the watch will be just as wearable even with the added functionality.

The Oceanguard release will contain four new models: three with black dials, and one with a white dial. There will be two models with a “Pepsi” bezel, one with a black dial and one with the only white dial in the bunch. The two remaining black dial models will have alternatively colored bezels: one with a coral and turquoise bezel, and the other with a fuchsia and cyan bezel. Each of the individual models will be limited to 25 pieces. Whether you like traditional looks or new funky color-combos, Imperial has you covered. 

The case and dial are the same as the original Royalguard with a few exceptions. Replacing the printed triangle marker at the 12 is a new circle index that is divided in half horizontally, with white on top and black below on three of the four new models with a black dial, and cream on top and white below on the remaining white dial model. Replacing the triangle marker at the six o’clock position is now a date window with a roulette date wheel (meaning that even days will be in red, and odd days in black). The dial will also be covered with a sapphire crystal that’s been given AR coating. And seeing as how the Oceaguard is a GMT, it will have a friction-fit 24-hour bi-directional GMT bezel with aluminum inserts. This is another point of difference from the Royalguard, which had a 90-click unidirectional dive bezel. 

The bracelet seems to be the final noticeable upgrade to the Oceangard. It’s fitted with a five-link bracelet, rather than a three-link, and this bracelet will have a clasp with toolless micro-adjustment. 

Imperial Watch Co. has tapped into that vintage-inspired theme and they’re running with it. If you’re a fan of that old school Eberhard style, then you’re likely to eat this one up with a side of fries. I suspect that folks will clamor for the Oceanguard GMT, like they did for the Royalguard 200.  

The Oceanguard GMT was just announced via the Imperial website and they’ll begin taking orders in April with immediate delivery expected. The retail price is $599, but the watches will be discounted to $499 for the first 48 hours they’re on sale.

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