Initial Impressions: Techné GosHawk (Ref. 411)


In January, Zach brought you his review of the Sparrowhawk by Techné Instruments, a unique and excellently designed chronograph featuring the rarely seen Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz movement.  As the Sparrowhawk managed to hit such high marks at a very reasonable price point, we are excited to have a chance to review another Techné  creation, the GosHawk.  Anytime a watch with an automatic mechanical movement comes in at unter $350, we take notice, especially when it’s from a brand we enjoy as much as Techné.

The Techné  arrives in simple yet very well executed packaging.  As was the case with the Sparrowhawk, the GosHawk is housed in a rounded soft clam shell case with foam insert.  Simple, yet utilitarian, this package serves its purpose as a portable protective shell very well.  This package is also accompanied by the same beautifully assembled manual that we found with the Sparrowhawk.  Zach said it well in his initial impressions of the Sparrowhawk, “The manual that Techné has devised for their line is a stroke of genius. I don’t think I have ever seen a watch manual before that looked like someone had a lot of fun designing.”  This thoughtful detail adds to the perceived value of the GosHawk, and to the authenticity of the Techné  brand.

As for the watch itself, you may be immediately struck by its small scale.  Measuring 41.4in diameter by 12.5mm tall, the GosHawk isn’t tiny by any standards.  However, the design of the dial is compact, unlike that of many pilot watches that achieve an expansive aesthetic.  Whereas you often find hour and minute markers pushed to the outer regions of a pilot’s dial with hands reached out just as far, the numerical markings of the GosHawk are pushed inward and the hands are stout.  This works, and is implemented well, but it causes the GosHawk to wear small.

When first reading the GosHawk you’ll also notice the almost day-glow orange 24-hour hand located on a small sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position.  This is where the GosHawk draws its most distinctive characteristic, and for those of you who like a touch of color in your timepiece, we think you’ll love this detail.

Thus far the GosHawk also appears to be of superb build and features quality components.  It features sapphire crystal with inner anti-reflective coating on the front and sapphire crystal on the back displaying a Miyota 8217 automatic movement with Geneva Stripes and signed gold rotor.  The bead-blasted stainless steel case is well finished and the oiled calf leather strap accompanied with the version we have for review is comfortable to wear.

At just $329, the Techné  GosHawk looks to be another winner from the young brand.  Stay tuned for our full review in two weeks, and in the meantime, please comment with any specific questions you may have that you’d like us to touch on in the final write-up.

by Blake Malin

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