Introducing the High Craft – Model 1 Watch Strap by worn&wound

The Model 1 strap was, as the name implies, our first 2-piece strap. Designed to be a modern, minimal strap that would be an ideal companion for tool watches, we made it out of straight cut leather, doubled over with a single large keeper, simple stitching and wide tang slots. The result was a rugged, heavy-duty all leather strap that perfectly complemented tough sport watches new and old.

Now, nearly five years later, we’re reintroducing the Model 1 under our High Craft line with a slight redesign and some new colors. For the High Craft – Model 1, we’ve taken the construction methods of our Vintage straps and applied them to the Model 1 design. Instead of the doubled over construction of the original, we’ve used structural, vegetable tanned leather to line the thick-cut aesthetic top leather. The result is a strap that looks great, and has a minimal amount of stretch. We’ve also thinned the strap down a bit, for comfort, while keeping the unique domed shape that is created not through fake padding, but through sculpting the leather by hand.


For our initial run of High Craft – Model 1s we’ve chosen five colors, some new and some old. First we have Rye, a classic Model 1 color and best-seller. For this new version, we’ve kept most of the details the same, but added black backing leather, which further contrasts the bright golden Rye chromexcel top leather, really making it stand out.


Next, we have Moss, another previous Model 1 color. Moss features a green/brown top leather made of Horween Chromexcel leather with a Rye keeper and natural veg-tanned lining. The combo gives this version an overall earthy feel that goes great with military inspired watches.

Taking a note from our Vintage line, we’ve added Sage Suede to the mix as well. This light gray-green strap is paired with a Moss keeper to bring out color within. The suede will darken with wear, taking on a unique patina. This one looks exceptional with aged lume.

Another one of our favorite leathers, Mahogany uses a wax dipped Latigo leather from Wickett & Craig with a gorgeous red pull up for its top leather. This is really tough stuff, but we lined with natural veg tanned leather too for added strength. The result is one part armor, one part leather strap. Perfect for bigger, heavier watches.

Lastly we have a classic, pure black. Also made entirely out of vegetable tanned Wickett & Craig leather, this leather has a noticeable grain and supple texture that makes it comfortable immediately. We kept all of the details black too to keep it simple. This one works especially well with modern watches.

Our High Craft – Model 1 straps are made in New York City and available in 20 and 22mm for $135. Pick one up today at

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