Introducing Moody Tools Screwdrivers to the w&w Shop


Every watch owner/collector needs a set of slotted screwdrivers. Whether for changing the strap on a tool-watch with screw-bars, sizing a bracelet, changing a buckle, opening up a case back to change a battery, or many other tasks, one needs a reliable set of drivers. Well, after a bit of hunting we found some that we’re very excited to offer for sale at the worn&wound shop, a set of 6 American made slotted drivers by Moody Tools.


Nearly 60 years old, Moody Tools is a Rhode Island based brand that manufactures a wide breadth of tools from classic drivers to items far more specialized, all made in America. The set we’re offering is a precision collection for jewelers that contains drivers sized .025″, .040″, .055″, .070″, .080″ and .100″. They are made entirely of steel with knurling along their shafts to provide grip. The wide hex-shaped swiveltop® cap spins freely, allowing you to turn the drivers with ease, while also preventing them from rolling off of your workspace.


If you’re like me, your screwdrivers end up scattered and separated in various drawers and tool bags, making finding the one you need a pain at a moment’s notice. Well, this set comes in a synthetic canvas roll, also made in America, that will help you keep you drivers together and organized. The roll also has a few extra slots, so you can throw in one of our spring bar tools and a couple of hex keys to make it the ultimate watch tool kit.


We’re very excited to offer these tools through our store as we’re confident in the brand, the manufacturing and the quality. And though this isn’t really an aesthetic product, there is a certain no-frills, rugged look to these that is quite appealing. And to make things even better, they are all covered by Moody’s “No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty” which covers the handles, tips and roll. So, if you’re in the market for some slotted drivers, whether for your watches or other small screwdrivin’ needs, head over to and pick up a set. $30, available now.


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