Introducing the MOSKITO: a Soprod-Powered, Analog Smart Watch Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever wanted a chronometer, analog speedometer, distance calculator and basic smart watch all in one watch, the new MOSKITO watch—a Swiss made, Soprod powered watch designed for cyclists—might be for you. A group of Swiss engineers, mechanics and designers have just launched MOSKITO on Kickstarter. The campaign is currently on with two watch styles—the Fly and the Classic. The Fly is made of black anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum. A pledge of 535 Swiss francs—about $529—will get you the Fly. The Classic is made of stainless steel and can be picked up with a pledge of 735 Swiss francs—about $726.moskito-classicThe watch’s 44mm case is shaped like a Bullhead chronograph–with the crown located at the top between two pushers. The precision movement, hands, dial and case parts are all made in Switzerland. MOSKITO worked with Soprod to customize their smart S916 Chrono-Sport caliber—a connected, programmable movement with six bidirectional motors and Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology—to power the watch. The battery is charged via USB.


The MOSKITO watch has a variety of functions that are meant to be used on your wrist or on your bike. There are three primary setting: Time Mode, Speed Mode and Chrono Mode. As you might have guessed it, the MOSKITO tells the time in Time Mode, speed in Speed Mode and travel time in Chrono Mode. Let’s go through each of the modes and functions, as they vary wildly.

The Classic
The Fly

In Time Mode, the MOSKITO serves as an everyday watch. The slender, black hour and minute hands display the time. The yellow second hand with a red arrow at the end of it ticks away. The dial may be hard for some to read the time, as it is not laid out on a 60-minute cycle. The watch is available in both mph and kph configurations–the large DIN numbers go from 0 to 40 for miles per hour and 0 to 80 for kilometers per hour starting from the bottom left and going around to the bottom right. There are three sub-dials located at the traditional 3, 6 and 9-o’clock spots.

In time mode, the sub-dial at the 6-o’clock hour shows the date. The sub-dial at 9 shows which mode you’re in.

moskito-featuresThough it doesn’t feature a digital display, the MOSKITO does operate as a smart watch. The 3-o’clock dial indicates if you’ve received messages on your smartphone. Using the supplied app, you can receive notifications for texts, calls, emails as well as WhatsApp and Facebook messages. Though the dial shows that you have a message, you’ll have to retrieve your smartphone to see the text, email, call or message. It’s a very neat function. Not the most convenient, but still pretty cool.

The main reason you’d pick up the MOSKITO is the Speed Mode. In Speed Mode, the chronograph second hand indicates the speed in real time, the minute hand indicates total distance traveled in kilometers or miles and the hour hand maintains its function and displays the current time. You can detach the watch from your wrist and attach it to the stem of your bike. A metal adapter (the adapter comes with a slight surcharge) locks the watch in place on the stem, right below the handlebars. On your wrist remain the strap, lugs and case that held the watch in place.

The sub-dial that shows the date in Time Mode (located at the 6-o-clock hour), shows the average speed in Speed Mode.

The MOSKITO’s Speed Mode is pretty incredible. Adding an analog speedometer to a watch is unique. While the makers promise accuracy, I’d be interested to see how well it actually calculates the measurements.

The last mode is Chrono Mode. With a press of one of the pushers, the hands of the watch indicate the travel time in hours, minutes and seconds.

moskito-chargingOther watches and fitness trackers do the same thing as the MOSKITO, but they don’t look this good doing it. If you want the features in the MOSKITO, you have to buy a digital watch that looks dreadful on your wrist when you’re off the bike. The MOSKITO has added a bit of class to a watch category dominated by silicon straps, digital displays and complicated functions.

To get yours, visit and back the MOSKITO Kickstarter campaign.

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