Introducing Single Pass Straps by worn&wound


We’re thrilled today to announce our new Single Pass straps. Available in leathers from Chicago’s Horween tannery as well as Italian shell cordovan; the w&w Single Pass strap is a twist on a classic. Sleeker than a Mil-Strap, more rugged than a Model 2, the Single Pass is the perfect middle ground, complementing watches of all styles. We went with the hardware/keeper combo from our Model 2’s for a signature look, while keeping the rest of the strap very minimal. Straight cut, raw edges and only stitching where necessary. The result is a very clean, straight line that makes your watch the star.


For our initial launch of Single Pass Horween straps, we went with four of our favorite colors; Color 8, Natural, Olive and Coal, each available in 18, 20 and 22mm for $65, all American-Made. Color 8 is Horween’s famous burgundy color. It’s deep and dark, black in some light, vibrant in others. It goes great with light or dark dials, and pairs well with blues, brown, blacks and grays.


Natural is one of our favorite leathers, period. It’s a neutral brown that ranges from almost a caramel color to dark and earthy. It’s packed with oils that move around as the leather stresses creating a dynamic and rugged look.


Olive is our standard green strap. Drab and organic, it adds an outdoorsy feel to any watch or outfit. Yet, despite being a color, it’s very subdued, working well with casual clothes of all type. Put this one on your pilots watches for a great combo.


Our Coal is made of Horween’s Chamois leather, which is matte and oily. It’s a great alternative to black, having a more subtle character and a sense of patina. This looks great with faded dials, bead blasted cases and titanium.


For our Single Pass Cordovan straps, we also chose four colors; Black, Mahogany, Navy and a new color, Tobacco, each available in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89, all American-Made using imported materials. Black cordovan speaks for itself, dark, classic and clean. On a Single Pass, it’s a nice way to dress up something sporty, like a dive watch, while keeping a bit of an edge.


Our Mahogany Cordovan is very dark, but warmer and softer than black. It’s a sophisticated color that’s great for adding some depth to a watch. A bit less dressy than the black, but thanks to cordovans natural luster, this also works add some class to something sporty or vintage.


Navy cordovan is a great alternative to more classic colors, having a cool tone. There’s something very calming about the deep navy of the cordovan, which at times almost appears to be a faded black. This is the strap for your ghost bezel subs, light dial watches, and generally patinated pieces.


Lastly, we have our new Tobacco cordovan. This gorgeous medium brown has a smooth color with an undercurrent of orange running through. It’s understated and a bit earthy, which we emphasized with natural linen stitch. This color looks great with everything, adding a casual, stylish air to what ever you put it on. This just might become your favorite strap.


And that’s that for now… but trust me, we got a lot more coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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