Casio is pushing the G-Shock into tactical territory with the release of a new Gravitymaster, the GRB200, a watch developed with aviation professionals in mind. This is a watch that dials up the usual suite of G-Shock features to 11 thanks to the inclusion of an array of sensors and bluetooth connectivity, to say nothing of the trick new case. While there are some surprisingly approachable and wearable G-Shocks, the Gravitymaster ain’t one of em, and if it could talk we’d expect a ‘Sorry, not sorry.’ for that fact. 

The GRB200 is an imposing bit of kit, with a case that measures a healthy 63×54.1×18.3mm. Much of that is owed to the Carbon Core Guard Structure which houses the module. This structure is resin based and reinforced with carbon fibers built up in layers. The carbon is visible thanks to a semi-transparent top layer, adding that signature look to a case already bristling with oversized buttons and displays.


As the name implies, the Gravitymaster is meant to be an aviation tool of sorts, and incorporates sensors to read the temperature, an altimeter/barometer, and a digital compass. Whether or not any pilots would actually rely on their G-Shock for such readings is besides the point, and the included step counter makes this a useful explorers or hikers tool. Further still, when paired with your phone the watch will record GPS points, estimate calorie consumption, and even a backtracking device by pointing to a GPS point with the second hand and showing the distance on the LCD display. Whatever you’d plan on using it for, there’s likely a function for you, from the full calendar and 38 time zones to the 5 programmable alarm settings. 

The GRB200 is offered with your choice of black, red, or blue strap each at a price of $350. This is perhaps the ultimate tactical nerd-out watch and it goes all in on functionality. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or just appreciate over-engineered gear, the Gravitymaster is worth a look. More from Casio.

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