Introducing The MING 20.11 Mosaic

After saying goodbye to the 17.09 (twice), MING is returning to the higher end with the 20.11 Mosaic featuring a stunning, laser engraved sapphire crystal, and micro-rotor movement. The 20.11 also addresses demand for a larger MING, with a case that measures 41.5mm in diameter. Building on themes first seen in the 20.01 Concept Chronograph, the 20.11 loses the chronograph but keeps the intricate dial aesthetic created by the unique sapphire created with the help of DM Surfaces of St Imier and Manufacture Schwarz Etienne over the course of 2 years.


The sapphire crystal is a hive of activity thanks to the “2,650 squares of varying opacity, each formed with a linear diffraction pattern and etched with a high-power femtosecond laser on three different levels within the sapphire crystal dial.” This process requires inclusion free sapphire to prevent shattering during the etching process, which begins with a 1.3mm thick optical grade crystal blank. The effect is dramatic in the images, scattering detail from center to edge with the top of the movement visible underneath. 

The movement is a Schwarz-Etienne for MING Cal. ASE 200.2, and gets a dark finish to provide maximum contrast with the crystal. The micro-rotor and skeletonized bridges are visible through the open caseback. The movement gets a titanium inner bezel ring that’s been engraved with a Clous-de-Paris pattern, framing the modern looking movement with a classic texture. This makes for an equally engaging view as you’d find on the dial side.

The hands are made of sapphire crystal as well and receive a HyCeram application for low light visibility. Likewise, the hour indications are found within the sapphire itself, and get the same HyCeram fill for practical luminosity. 

The MING 20.11 Mosaic is priced at CHF14,500 (~$15,700) and the order window for existing customers will be open through Friday, July 9th. Orders placed in this time will be guaranteed a watch, with a further 50 examples being made available on a first come, first serve basis. A 50% deposit is required upon order, with the remainder due when the watches ship in early 2022. MING

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