Introducing the Nomos Club Timeless Edition


A couple of weeks ago we created a guide to blue dialed watches… Well, little did I know that possibly the coolest blue dialed watch was about to be announced; the Nomos Club Timeless Edition. Made exclusively for Timeless Luxury in Texas, the Timeless edition isn’t just a blue dialed Club, it’s the next evolution of the Nomos Club line. Though they didn’t unveil it or mention it at Basel, this is the first Club to use the new DUW 4101 movement, which features their in-house Swing System (escapement).


Where to begin… well, first off, it’s a Club, obviously. This is a watch I have some personally very strong feelings about. I had liked them from afar for a while, got to review a duo of them a couple of years ago, and then I made the leap and purchased one for myself (second hand). While the Clubs might not be the watches that Nomos is known best for, I’d go so far as to say they are the underrated gem of their collection. They mix Nomos’ sense of understated Bauhaus design with a more vintage, almost military aesthetic. The result is a reserved watch with an elegant but masculine design, a touch of playfulness and incredible build quality. Internally, of course, you have one their Glashütte made in-house calibers keeping great time and giving horological credibility. While they might not be watches that stop people on the street, for those “in-the-know” the Club is as real as watches get.

For their limited edition, Timeless took the Club Datum, which features a date at 6 and a 38.5mm case (each Club model has a different case size ranging from 36 for the manual to 41.5 for the automatic date version) and gave it a laquered blue dial with red accents. This blue is the right kind of blue… it’s dark enough to be subtle, yet colorful enough to be different from black or grey . It’s actually the same color that Nomos use on their high-end Lambda True Blue model.


The use of red for the minute numerals and seconds hand really takes this one over the edge for me. I love a bit of contrast, and a playful use of color, and once again, it is done right here. It’s enough red to add personality, but not overtake the blue or look contrived. Another nice detail is the matching date wheel… yes, for an edition of 100, Nomos still managed to make a blue date wheel with off-white numerals to integrate with the dial, giving it an overall more finished look.

The most surprising feature is that the movement has been changed from the Beta to the DUW 4101. While this was to be expected eventually, as Nomos is transitioning all of their watches from their old movements to those featuring their Swing System, this is the first instance in the Club line. So, if you buy a Club Datum from Nomos’ site it still has the old movement. It makes this watch all the more appealing and collectible, to be honest.


The Timeless Edition Club is limited to a mere 100 pieces and has a price tag of $2,760, which is only a bit more than the cost of the normal Datum model (though, I wouldn’t be surprised if $2,760 will be the going rate for the Club Datum once they all transition to the DUW 4101). They can be reserved now for a down payment of $500 at Timeless’ website.

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