Introducing the worn&wound Watch Fold


We’re very excited to announce worn&wound’s newest American made product, the w&w Watch Fold! Unsatisfied with the standard watch pouch, we designed the Watch Fold to do much more than just hold a single watch. Starting with the classic American outerwear aesthetics we imbued in our Watch Rolls, we built the Fold out of 18oz filter twill canvas, ultra suede lining throughout, heavyweight Italian leather for the binding and strap, and a layer of padding for added protection.


But most importantly, we added a lot more potential function in the design of the fold. You can take the simple approach, and put one watch in one of the pockets, strap it up and call it a day. Or, you could put a watch in one pocket, and a couple of straps, or a strap and a watch changing tool in the other, wrap it up and be prepared. OR… you could put a watch in one pocket, and another watch in the other pocket. Just alternate the directions they are facing (the head of one watch towards the center of the fold, one towards the outer edge) and you’re good to go.


But, it doesn’t end there… Cool with just the watch on your wrist? Put your sunglasses in there. Maybe some pens, maybe just your extra straps… It’s up to you. Think of this as a Watch Fold or just an awesome, stylish, American Made utility case.


Using our Watch Fold is really simple, if you haven’t gotten the gist already. Just place your watch, watches, straps, etc, into the ultra suede lined pockets, close the Fold, and wrap the leather strap around it, keeping it tight. Once you’ve reached the end of the strap, just tuck it under itself and you’re done.


For our initial offering, we have two colors available for you: green canvas with honey brown leather and waxed tan canvas with black leather. The green and brown has a vibrant, woodsy look while the tan and black has a more severe military appeal. Both will look great in your briefcase, overnight bag or on bedside table. The Watch Fold costs $79, and is for pre-sale today, but WONT SHIP UNTIL APRIL 15th, so please plan accordingly.

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