Making of the w&w Model 1 Straps


We’re not shy about the fact that we’re proud of our American-made Model 1 straps. In the 2 years since we first launched them, we’ve been overwhelmed by how well they have been received. Each batch we’ve made has flown out the door, helping us support and grow worn&wound. We want to thank everyone who has purchased a w&w product, as you help keep this all going.

As we’ve continued to make the Model 1 we’ve iterated on the design and materials used, making sure to listen to customer feedback, changing details per order to make a better and better product, while still keeping them a solid value. The current Model 1’s are, to us, just about perfect. They are thick and plush, but immediately comfortable. Rugged, but understated, bringing out the best in your sport watches. Our new Olive color way in particular has been hard to take off.


Well, in honor of our participation in the American Field Brooklyn flea market this weekend, we thought we’d give you a peak into the Model 1 manufacturing process. I had the pleasure of hanging out at our factory, located in the heart of NYC’s garment district, for an afternoon taking pictures and watching them get made. Each strap is a labor of love, with many steps all completed by hand, by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.


First the Horween leather is cut into blanks, which are then skived (thinned) both by machine and hand in such a way as to create a padded center, but thin edge and thin top, making them fit most lugs and have a cushioned feel. These blanks are then glued, folded and re-cut into shape. Next, the edges are painted in a 3-step process, starting with a clear coat, and then 2 coats of color, for a wear resistant edge. Each hole is hand painted as well, to match the color of the leather (the inside of leather is often lighter). Once dried, they are machine stitched across the top, and then hand tied off with a triple knot. Next, logos are heat stamped into the back, and lastly each strap is cleaned up, making sure no extra thread is hanging off, no errant glue is abound. All said and done, each strap takes a few days to complete. At $89, we think these offer a lot of quality and quite a bit of style for the price.


So, enjoy this making of gallery with pics through out the process, and our video, which shows some of the many steps in detail. And please head over to should you wish to make a purchase. Thanks!

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