Micro-Brand Digest: True GMTs, Modern Divers, & Salmon Dials

Welcome to the Worn & Wound Micro-Brand Digest, a semi-monthly roundup of all the new micro-brand news we’re following, from concepts that show promise, to kickstarter launches to restocks, and everything in between. Small independents, and affordable micro-brands spurred the creation of Worn & Wound over 10 years ago, and they still drive our enthusiasm in a big way.

Here’s what’s caught our eye this month.

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VStelle V-Apostle

VStelle bills itself as a lifestyle brand whose timepieces are “creatively rooted in vivid minimalism”. While our definitions of minimalism may differ, their V-Apostle collection of watches timepieces indeed puts forth a refreshingly clean aesthetic that askew the sport watch genre altogether in favor of something straightforward and even handsome. The chapter ring within the rehaut consists of every number between 1 and 60 to mark off each second with no ambiguity. The hours are pulled toward the center of the dial to fill more of the real estate within this 42mm case. Inside, VStelle is using a Miyota automatic movement. Available dial colors are white and black, as you’d expect, and a lovely muted blue. The V-Apostle is now live on Indiegogo at an early bird price of $281. More from VStelle.


Gavox Longitude

The GMT equipped Miyota 9075 is a movement we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time, and we’re finally starting to see it pop up in some pretty incredible watches. From the new Jack Mason Strat-o-timer, to this new Longitude from Gavox. It is, as you may have heard, a true GMT movement at an affordable price. At $910, the Gavox Longitude is no exception. This is a 39mm hardened 316L steel watch with integrated bracelet, and a killer dial design that boasts an intricate texture that looks to have been carved out of stone. It can be had in blue, black, gray, or turquoise to suit your taste, and each gets a color matched date wheel visible through the aperture at 6 o’clock. The Gavox Longitude is available now, learn more from Gavox.

Makina Uriel V

The Makina Uriel is back with an updated case and movement, and it’s now sporting a chic salmon sunburst dial. The dial is comprised of 3 steps, with the hand stack emerging from the lowest floor. The outer most level features a pulsation scale as a nod to its inspiration, which are old tool watches used by doctors. The middle section gets oversized applied numerals at the cardinal positions. The new cushion case measures in at 38mm and gets a full polish and is a mere 11.1mm in total thickness. This watch should be a sweetheart on the wrist, so keep an eye out for its launch from Makina, with shipping expected to begin this December.

Aera D-1 and P-1

Aera is a new brand that just launched their first collection, consisting of contemporary takes on the classic diver and pilot watch formats. Their watches are function first, tool oriented, and incorporate aspects of minimalism into their design. There’s nothing here that doesn’t need to be. The D-1 Diver makes exceptional use of contrast between a black dial and big, white hour markers to make reading the time on the expansive dial a cinch. Same with the P-1 Pilot, that takes a similar approach with a tried and true pilot’s watch design. The cases of both watches are tantalizingly curvy and follow the large domed arc of the big sapphire crystal, giving the watches an unexpected verticality and contributing to their modern feel. At $1,300 for the pilot’s watch and $1,400 for the diver, these watches enter a competitive landscape, but seem to have something unique on offer. More information at Aera’s website here.

Helicon Watches 62 Master

The Helicon Watch Company, in addition to having a fantastic name, also has real pedigree. The brand is run by industry veterans with a combined 20 years of experiences in watches, and their first watch shows that they do indeed have a sense of what consumers are looking for in 2022. The 62 Master is a diver with key vintage cues, but they’re smartly offering it in a pair of adventurous colorways in addition to the standard black. “Lichen” casts the 62 Master in a pale mossy green, while the “Iridium” dial is a fiery and dynamic orange. The 38.5mm case has lines that will please fans of classic divers and a footprint that should fit just about any wrist. Check out the Helicon website for more information.

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