Monta Releases a New Skyquest GMT with Several Updates, Large and Small

Over the course of a relatively short period, Monta has become a bit of a standard bearer in the microbrand space, well regarded by just about everyone for their well made, classically styled sports watches. To look at Monta’s watches, you wouldn’t think that they’re breaking new ground, necessarily. Their aesthetic is rooted squarely in classic mid-century design with the requisite modern twists here and there. But when you actually pick one up and strap it to your wrist, the appeal of the brand really begins to make sense. Monta seems to understand what it means to finish a watch in a premium way, and it comes through in their watches in small details like the drape of a bracelet, the texture of the brushing, and the crispness of a bevel. The new version of the Skyquest GMT, just announced, appears to keep and even enhance many of these qualities, while offering several sizable changes to the nature of the watch itself that make this more than just a new variant. 


Among the several refinements to the Skyquest, chief among them has to be the new case shape. Monta tells us that the design team took over 16 months to settle on a final version of the case, which is clearly indebted to sports watches (Rolex in particular, but not exclusively) from the 50s and 60s. Changes are subtle but should lead to a distinct wearing experience compared to the prior version of the watch, and include softer, less pronounced crown guards, and a shorter lug to lug span (now down to 47.4mm). Thickness hasn’t changed (still 11.8mm), and it appears that the same classically styled finishing that Monta excels at is still in place as well. The diameter is 40.7mm, and the Skyquest is still mounted to the excellent Monta bracelet with quick microadjustment functionality. 

The dial has also been reworked and includes new rectangular hour markers with gold or rhodium surrounds and BGW9 Superluminova. These markers are now located closer to the center of the dial, an update that Monta says is meant to aid in legibility at a glance. The minutes track has also been pulled back to the far reaches of the dial’s perimeter, which gives the whole thing a less cluttered look, but might counter some of the focus on at-a-glance timekeeping. The new Monta logo also makes its first appearance on the Skyquest after being introduced on the Monta Noble back in 2020, and Monta has added a new solid red GMT hand as well. 

Another advancement that Monta claims to have made is in regard to the bezel. We haven’t handled the new Skyquest yet (we’ll have one in hand soon), but the press materials indicate that the bezel assembly has been redesigned for a more precise and tactile feel. Monta has a total of three patents on the bezel alone, so this is a new feature we’re excited to, literally, get our hands on. Monta is sticking with an old-school aluminum insert for the bezel, and will offer variants in black and red, blue and red, and full black.  

The new Skyquest is available for pre-order beginning today with an introductory price of $2,190. Delivery is expected in November, at which time the price will be bumped up to full retail, which is $2,435. Monta

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