Nodus Introduces a Limited Edition Sector Sport with Bronze Accents

One could argue that the core of a modern watch company is a competent sports watch. If that were true, it would be no surprise that LA-based Nodus Watches has really found its stride by building a strong catalog of durable, interesting models under $1,000. The so-called Sector Series encompasses – among others – Dive, GMT, and Pilot’s watches. The foundation of this line is simply called the Sector Sport, and today Nodus is adding a limited Sector Sport in steel and bronze.

Based on the platonic ideal of a “sports watch” as it was defined in the mid-century, the Sector philosophy is grounded in two defining tenets: 1) an adaptable midcase amenable to varying finishes and future add-ons and 2) a sector dial demarcated by differences in texture and finishing. Specs-wise it means a 38mm x 12.5mm x 47mm case with 20mm lugs, accompanied by an H-link bracelet that tapers from 20 to 18mm. The bracelet also includes the proprietary Nodus NodeX clasp for on-the-fly adjustments. Inside is the Seiko NH38.

While Nodus has historically iterated on the Sport with bold colors like Glacial and Marigold, it is taking a new approach with this bronze and steel reference. The anthracite dial is composed of two brass plates. One is the inner sector where the hour hand neatly terminates; the outer sector is home to gilt PVD-coated hour markers. The hands have the same gilt treatment and, paired with the dial, make for a warm and subdued aesthetic. The most noteworthy update here is the bezel and crown, both of which are forged from Aluminum Bronze (CuAl5).  First used on the Avalon II, this material is used intentionally for its ability to oxidize over time.

Visually, the warm glow of the bronze accents frames the dial and case in a way simply changing the dial color doesn’t achieve. The decision to keep the bracelet entirely in steel is uncommon but makes sense: it allows the watch to retain its sportier identity while celebrating wear and tear through the eventual patina of the bezel and crown. For the bronze-curious, sport-focused enthusiast who isn’t interested in full two-tone, this 500 piece limited Sport Sector will go on sale today (October 26, 2023) for $500. Find the full specs and purchase details online at

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