Nodus Teams with Watch Clicker and the 40&20 Podcast for a Limited Sector Dive GMT

Worn & Wound is built on community, so we love it when the people and brands we like decide to get together to make something cool. The latest release from Los Angeles based Nodus is a fun version of their Sector Dive GMT made in partnership with Watch Clicker and the 40&20 podcast. The Sector line has really become a signature product for Nodus, proving to be amenable to wide range of colors and tweaks in functionality, so it’s a great canvas for a limited edition. The fun thing about this LE though is how organic it feels. Many limited editions come to us via press releases that take on an almost solemn tone. It’s clear, though, that this watch is simply the product of friends who wanted to make something cool together, and the unpretentious nature of it all is a huge part of the appeal. 


For this limited edition, Nodus has effectively combined features of their Sector Dive and Sector GMT. The basic “sector” dial format remains, of course, with an inner 24 hour scale and an outer ring where you’ll find big Arabic numerals at 12, 3, and 9 (with a date at 6) and big lumed markers elsewhere. Unlike the standard Sector GMT, however, this edition features a 120 click unidirectional bezel (in either black DLC or standard steel) for some additional functionality as a diver. In true skin diver fashion (a dive watch format that was a key point of inspiration for all involved) the water resistance here is a respectable but not over the top 150 meters, which keeps case size sleek at a very wearable 12.5mm height against a 39mm diameter. 

There are, of course, other small touches that make this LE special and fun for fans of the 40&20 podcast and Watch Clicker’s content. Watch Clicker’s camera logo makes an appearance at the “24” position in the GMT track, and the detail oriented have probably already noticed the unusual depth rating indicator near the 6:00 position. The “>110M” rating is a reference to the 40&20 “Objectively Best” rating system, which awards points to a watch 10 meters of water resistance it provides. Eleven points (110 meters) is considered “perfect,” with anything additional an added bonus. Flip the watch over, and you’ll see the standard Nodus Sector four ring design with a cog from the Watch Clicker logo integrated into the design. 

The colors chosen recall the 40&20 and Watch Clicker branding, with a deep blue, radially brushed dial and orange accents throughout. The blue colorway and skin diver format also relate ocean focused charitable cause connected to this release. One of these watches, numbered “00”, will be sold at auction with funds benefiting Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue organization, which works to protect vulnerable areas of the ocean from overfishing and pollution. 

The Watch Clicker and 40&20 Nodus Sector is available now, with only 50 pieces being produced. The retail price is $500 with the stainless steel bezel, and $525 with the DLC coated bezel. More information at Nodus here, and check out Watch Clicker here.

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