Nomos for Doctors Without Borders

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Not often enough do watch brands commit to donating a portion of profits to charity. Sure, there are auctions here and there that go towards foundations, but generally speaking it’s not common enough practice. That is part of what makes the Nomos Doctors Without Borders (Medics San Frontieres) watches so exciting.

This limited edition of 2,000 watches will contribute $100 per sale from the Nomos and retail end to this great charity, for a total of $200k. And this isn’t a one-time deal either. Nomos has issued both German and UK variants of the watch, so the total amount being given is much higher.


The other part?.. Well, simply that these are great looking watches by one of our favorite brands, and even though this is a limited edition with unique design elements they don’t cost more than the regular model. The Doctors Without Borders US edition will consist of 1,000 Tangente 38’s and 1,000 Tangente 33’s for $2,140 and $1,840 respectively.


The unique design features of this edition include black oxidized hands rather than blue, a subtle “Doctors Without Borders” inscription below 6 and, most prominently, a red 12. The exhibition case back is also etched with “Doctors Without Borders” and the edition number. As always, the watch features the beautiful in-house Alpha caliber under a sapphire display window.


We had the pleasure of seeing the both the 33 and 38mm versions in person when we were in Basel. Attractive as always, the red 12 and black hands add somewhat to the austerity of the watch, being higher contrast elements. The 12 catches the eye immediately, giving the watch a different visual balance and serving as a reminder of the charity. The use of red is interesting as it clearly refers to medicine and the DWB logo, but could be seen as referring to early 20th century watches and pocket watch conversion, which sometimes featured red or occasionally blue 12’s (more on that here). This simply adds to the overall appeal and story of the watches.


Special editions are often very tempting due to their scarcity and potential worth. The fact that the Nomos Doctors Without Borders Tangentes can be had for no additional cost and contribute to a good cause makes them all the more desirable. Hopefully, this is an approach that more watch brands will take with their limited editions. And should you not be in the market for a new watch Doctors Without Borders is still a great cause that can use your donations.

by Zach Weiss

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