Nomos Introduces a New Club Sport Neomatik in an Appealing 37mm Case

If you’re a watch fan with an interest in the Nomos Club, you have a ton of options. A quick review of the Nomos website reveals that you can have a club in case sizes that include 36, 38, 41.5, and 42 millimeters. The Club is everything from a simple hand wound dress watch to a surprisingly robust sports watch, rated to depths of up to 300 meters. And of course, it comes in a range of colors. The traditional Nomos silvered approach is a standard, but if you’re feeling more adventurous you can choose a dial in “Siren Blue” or “Future Orange.” As of this week, Nomos has given their customers yet another decision point on the Club, with a new case size and movement combination that both brings the Club back to its roots and shows off the latest Nomos watchmaking innovations. 


The new watches are part of the Club Sport series and measure 37mm in diameter. That’s refreshingly small for a new Club – the initial entry in the Club Sport line is the rather gargantuan 42mm version. Nomos, it’s often said, is a brand that on the whole wears rather big for their stated diameter, thanks to the house style of long lugs and big, open dials. To say that any particular Nomos watch might wear 2 or 3 millimeters larger than the actual diameter is not in any way unreasonable, and while the brand has moved away from the rigorously simple dress watches they made their name with, the overarching aesthetic throughout the collection is still a type of watch that just lends itself to a more modest footprint. The smaller watches just always look more in proportion. 

So, a 37mm Club Sport Neomatik is rather enticing, as it would seem to be bringing the line back to what it was originally conceived as, namely a slightly more casual and sporty version of a “typical” Nomos watch. It turns out that in Club Sport guise, this watch makes a lot of visual sense. It should be a perfect medium size for many, and the Club Sport’s Oyster style bracelet has a classic appeal that is hard to deny. The smaller Club Sport loses 100 meters of water resistance compared to its big brother, but it’s hard to imagine anyone lodging a serious complaint against a thin (just 8.3mm) Club that can dive to 200 meters if necessary. 

As is customary for Nomos, they’re offering the new 37mm Club Sport in a pair of colors that aren’t available on any of their other watches. Petrol is a flat green that has plenty of grey incorporated into it as well, and the dial has a strong sunburst pattern emanating from the center. The Polar dial is a blue version along similar lines. These colors are both somewhat subdued compared to recent brightly colored efforts from Nomos throughout the catalog, particularly in the Tetra and Club lines. 

Powering the watch, and the reason for its impressively slender case height, is the DUW 3001. This is Nomos’s automatic, super thin caliber that is made in-house and takes full advantage of their “Swing System” escapement technology. The caliber itself measures just 3.2mm tall, but still uses a full balance bridge and will run for 43 hours when fully wound.

The Club Sport Neomatik has a retail price of $3,150, and they’re available to order now through the Nomos website. Nomos

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