Nomos Partners with French Jeweler Lepage on a Pair of Limited Edition Tangentes

Nomos limited editions made in conjunction with members of their authorized dealer network, independent watch clubs, and peers within the industry continue to grow with the recently unveiled pair of Tangentes made with the French jeweler Lepage. Lepage is a family run business that has grown to become one of the leading jewelry retailers in France, and they celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. A centennial celebration is a pretty good reason to release a limited edition watch if you ask us, and the Tangente (along with just about every watch in the Nomos catalog) has an ability to be flexible in its design to suit a range of moods or needs for a partner like Lepage. Even if you’re not familiar with Lepage or have much of an interest in celebrating their 100th anniversary, the watches that have come out of this partnership are undeniably good looking and put a new spin on the Tangente format. 


Looking at the dial of these Lepage limited editions, you notice an immediate warmth to the tones that is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the classic Tangente, with its cool silvered dial. The 12:00 marker is rendered in a brownish gold shade, matched by the subsidiary seconds register at 6:00. It’s hard to tell from photos (and my own high school level French is failing me 20 years on), but it appears that the dial itself might share a bit of this golden tone. It seems to be in a slightly different shade than the standard Tangente, but again, this could be photo editing at play. 

One of the nice things about these Nomos limited editions historically is that they don’t beat you over the head with branding of their partners. The only direct references to Lepage and their anniversary to be found on this watch are the triangular pattern in the subsidiary seconds register (a representation of their logo), text that reads “100” right below it, and an inscription on the case back. There’s a subtlety here that allows you to appreciate the watch even if you have no connection to Lepage at all. It’s just a handsome, very slightly enhanced version of the Tangente that we’re all familiar with. 

As mentioned above, there are two versions of the Lepage Tangente available, one in a 35mm case, the other in a 38mm case. Both are powered by the same Alpha caliber, the tried and true Nomos hand wound workhorse that has long been at the heart of nearly every watch they’ve made at one point or another.  The 35mm version is limited to 30 examples and priced at €1,922, and the 38mm Tangente is limited to 70 and priced at €2,022. Fire up your web browser’s translator and head to Lepage’s website to learn more. Nomos

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