Omega Celebrates 60 Years Of James Bond Films with Two Totally Different Seamaster 300M’s

In celebration of 60 years of the James Bond film franchise, Omega has released a couple of Seamaster Diver 300M’s to pay tribute to our favorite fictional British Secret Service agent. The latest release includes a Seamaster Diver 300M that combines design cues from the No Time To Die limited edition Seamaster Diver 300M, and the Seamaster 300M (Ref 2541.80.00) seen on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in the 1995 James Bond film, Goldeneye. The other Seamaster model released is more precious in aesthetic and form, drawing inspiration from Ian Flemming’s winter-home and writer getaway in Jamaica.

Goldeneye was the first James Bond film where Omega was featured as the enigmatic character’s watch of choice, and since then, has always been on Bond’s wrist. Growing up in the 90’s, the James Bond actor I identify with the most is Pierce Brosnan. I distinctly remember that blue dial Omega Seamaster, the Parker Jotter pen that doubled as a C4 grenade, and of course the Aston Martin DB5 he was racing against Xenia Onatopp and her Ferrari F355 in Goldeneye. I must admit, when the entire James Bond movie catalog was available for streaming on Amazon Prime earlier this year to celebrate 60 years of Bond films, I kept returning to the era of Daniel Craig as Bond because let’s face it, they’re just that good. And although both Brosnan and Craig exude cool in their own ways and drove the Aston Martin DB5 (again, in their own ways), they were both wearing completely different watches. The 60th James Bond Anniversary Seamaster Diver 300M is a representation of where the Omega Bond watch started in Goldeneye and where it is now (and going) with the latest film, No Time To Die.


Putting the images of the Seamaster NTTD edition and the Seamaster ref. 2541.80.00 side by side, it’s clear the Bond 60th Anniversary model is a perfect blend between the two. The case takes form after the NTTD edition, sporting a 42mm case with a helium escape valve at ten o’clock and a lyre lug design. But instead of titanium, the Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster is furnished out of stainless steel. It’s also equipped with a unidirectional bezel that see’s some subtle changes that tastefully highlight the 60th anniversary. Substituting the large triangle zero marker from the regular production Seamster Diver 300 and the NTTD edition on the Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster is the “60” numeral that uses a different colored lume than the rest of the bezel.

The dial however takes after the Goldeneye Seamaster 300M. The horizontal waves are much tighter and curvier akin to that of the dial on the Seamaster ref. 2541.80.00. Omega has also elected not to utilize red accents on the “Seamaster” wordmark or on the seconds hand. The result here is a more stark and straightforward dial. It comes off as less vintage, despite the wave dial that harkens back to the original Bond Seamaster, and more contemporary in aesthetic at a glance.

The movement within is something that the folks over at Q branch would appreciate, including the Quartermaster. The Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster 300M is powered by Omega’s Co-axial Master Chronometer 8806 movement. For those uninitiated, Omega’s co-axial escapement offers a movement that technically provides more mechanical efficiency and longevity by transmitting energy through lateral impulses and in a clockwise direction, when compared to the typical Swiss lever escapement. That’s because the co-axial escapement transmits energy through lateral impulses and in a clockwise directionThe movement also comes with the METAS certification highlighting the model’s pin-point accuracy in six different positions, dependable power reserve, a magnetic-resistance rating up to 15,000 gauss and a true water resistance rating. The entire movement, as well as an animated four-frame aluminum disc that displays the iconic Bond opening credits scene is put on display through an exhibition caseback.

As mentioned above, the other James Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster Diver 300M included in this release is more precious. The case is made out of Omega’s proprietary Canopus Gold and is adorned with a gray silicon dial that visually comes off as a meteorite pattern. The bezel is set with a selection of gradient green and yellow diamonds. And to answer your question, yes the bezel still rotates, and clearly, won’t be able to track elapsed time. Just don’t plan on taking this one on your next dive trip.

The stainless steel James Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster 300M might be the best Omega-Bond watch to date. It subtly captures the James Bond and Omega connection on the dial and at the same time shifts the design that I think looks better than the regular production Seamaster 300M Diver. It’s a Bond watch, so of course they had to include something like an animated caseback with the rifling design, but I’m glad they elected to put it on the caseback, leaving the dial more restrained. We don’t know whose going to be the next James Bond just yet, but we sure do know which watch he (or she) will be wearing.

The stainless steel James Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster 300M retails for $7,600 and the Canopus Gold James Bond 60th Anniversary Seamaster 300M retails at around $142,000. Omega

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