Pairs Well With: Orient Bambino


Last week’s sudden heat wave had me walking around with my sleeves rolled up for the first time in months. As such, I’ve been able to show off a few pieces that have been hidden under cuffs for far too long. Unfortunately, what I’ve really been craving to wear is a watch that we reviewed and gave away some time ago, the Orient Bambino. One of my favorite watches under $200, the Bambino has style to spare. From the domed crystal to the pie-pan dial, the Bambino’s charm relies on well thought out vintage style and a very versatile design. Yet, despite its clear historical inspirations, the Bambino is oddly unique, especially for a watch its price. This isn’t a stock case and crystal with a new dial, it’s an original concept, and don’t forget it’s also packing an automatic movement.

But enough ranting about a watch I’ve already reviewed… The reason we’re here today is because the Orient, beyond all else, is a damn handsome watch that beckons to be worn in style. It’s versatile looks lends it self to some more formal attire, when paired with a leather strap, but what makes it more fun is when you loosen its collar a bit, so to speak. When you put the Bambino on a striped NATO, it really comes alive, having a classic sporty feel. So, for this PWW, we set out to harness this look with an outfit that is preppy, casual, fun and right for this transitional weather. 

  1. Orient Bambino on a Crown&Buckle NATO
  2. Standard Issue Civilian Blazer in Navy by Apolis Global
  3. Cotton Oxford Elbow Padded Shirt by Sophnet
  4. Canvas O-Ring Belt in Navy by L.L. Bean Signature
  5. Lt. Wt. Davis Chino in Fig by Club Monaco
  6. The Dignitary in Blue by Richer Poorer
  7. Waxed Longwing Bluchers by Alden
  8. Natural / Grey Waxed Garrison Bag by Winter Session
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