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Pairs Well With: Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77

When the Seiko 5 Sports line relaunched in 2019, it did so with a bang. Based on an iconic case shape previously associated with the legendary 007 models, these rugged 42.5mm watches weren’t launched one model at a time, rather they hit with 27 distinct versions, sorted into five overarching categories: Sports, Suits, Specialist, Sense, and Street. Though each is built off of the same blank-watch-canvas, the resulting watches have distinct personalities. That said, of the five categories Sense stands out for being the most abstract concept, as well as creating the most unique set of watches. The Sense series is all about texture and color, combining interesting surface treatments for a final product with an adventurous spirit.

This edition of Pairs Well With, in which we treat a watch not as an accessory to an outfit, but as the inspiration for it, starts with the SRPD77, a watch that has earned the playful nickname “the Avocado.” Featuring a tumbled gunmetal finish on the mid-case and bezel, a dark green bezel insert, and a slightly brighter, creamier green dial, it has an overall dark and earthy appeal. The most eye-catching and memorable detail, however, is the dial texture, which has a rough, organic surface that resembles, if only slightly, the skin of an avocado. An orange highlight seconds hands and a green nylon strap with matching gunmetal hardware tie it all together. The result is a watch that has an undeniable sporty, rugged style, but also appeals on a material level, with diverse surfaces and colors. For more information on the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD77, click here.


As a source of inspiration for this Pairs Well With the SRPD77 is very fertile ground. The dark, but still warm, earthy tonality easily speaks to a palette, while the watch’s emphasis on texture is an excuse to choose items with pronounced weaves and hearty fabrics. Then the orange seconds hand allows for just a touch of color as an accent. With fall around the corner, this outfit came together rather quick.


Corded Velveteen Hat by Pedro & Tailor

A relative newcomer, Pedro & Tailor have already made a name for themselves with their thoughtful, curated selection of wares. Their baseball hat is a good example of what they do, and a great match for this PWW. A fairly straightforward 6-panel hat, the use of desert tan corduroy makes it stand out. From far, it’s just a block of color. Up close, the texture is revealed. On the front, in the center is a simple label with the brand name and motto. Available here

HB Depot Jacket by Howler Bros

Sticking with the theme, the HB Depot jacket by Howler Bros is a riff on a classic style with some appealing texture and thoughtful details. Based on a trucker cut, the Depot features copper-tone buttons and black stretch corduroy fabric. The texture of the corduroy makes all the difference, giving the jacket a naturally worn-in look and a slightly gray appearance that speaks to the gunmetal case of the SRPD77. Available here

Field Shirt by Alex Mill

Playing off of the warm, earth tones of the SRPD77, this Field shirt from Alex Mill mixes a military-style with a leisurely fabric and an undeniably appealing color. The light khaki is understated, but not bland, with a distinct golden warmth to it. The dual breast pockets add utility while the paper cotton has a relaxed attitude. Available here

The Camp Pant by Taylor Stitch

Rugged refinement is perfected by Taylor Stitch in the Dark Olive Boss Duck Camp Pant. Made out of hemp mix, the Boss Duck fabric has a pronounced texture, like a heavyweight canvas, but was designed for mobility and comfort. The dark olive is then a perfect complement to the SRPD77, highlighting the dial. Available here

Merino Wool Socks by Bombas

Socks are one of those great accessories that you can have a little fun with. Like the SRPD77, they can be a bit off the beaten path and add some flair – just by your feet. These Merino Wool socks by Bombas in Rose Coral Aurora, like the seconds hand on the 77, will add a pop of warm color to your outfit. Unlike most socks, however, these Bombas feature many modern details, such as arch support, seamless toe, and y-stitch heel, which make them more comfortable and supportive. Available here

Classic Leather AZ Shoes by Reebok

Tying various elements of the outfit together these ‘80s throwback sneakers from Reebok mix earth tones, textures, and classic style. The Leather AZ Shoes in Utility Beige have a classic runner look, though they are meant as more of an everyday walk-around sneaker. A mix of leather and nylon with layered panels gives the uppers some appealing complexity, while highlights of dark green, white, and a gum sole add some contrast. Available here

Dryden Back Pack by Filson

As an add-on for those on the go, the Filson Dryden Backpack in Dark Shrub Camo is one last earthy accessory. Designed as a classic backpack, with 25.5L of capacity it can carry anything you’d need to take to the office or on a short trip. As per Filson’s standard, it’s properly overbuilt and features leather details for extra durability. The kicker here, however, is the camo exterior, which in this context is both rugged and a touch playful. Like the dial texture of the SRPD77, it adds some unexpected depth to the design. Available here

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