Pairs Well With: Steinhart Racetimer


Summer is in full swing, and if you are like me, you are drawn to wearing vintage racing chronographs. Sporty, agile and fun, vintage chronos, whether by Heuer, Tudor, Hamilton, Seiko or others, have that playful spirit that defines a fun summer. Throw them on nylon NATO and you have a watch you can wear all day that looks awesome and has a lot of attitude. Unfortunately, vintage racing chronos can be quite expensive, so a great affordable alternative is the new Steinhart Racetimer. With a Valjoux 7750, great design and a price teetering around 1K, this is likely the modern watch that will satisfy that vintage itch.


The Racetimer is an undeniably cool watch with a complex, yet understandable dial. Orange lines, big trapezoids and applied markers make this watch feel like it was born in a different decade, yet the 44mm titanium case adds something large and modern. For this PWW we chose the black colorway and paired it with a few summery items that can withstand a hot day at the track.

pairing by Dexter Austria
words by Zach Weiss

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