The Worn & Wound Podcast: All of Our Episodes from Watches & Wonders

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast…we’re taking the week off! 

But fear not, we still have tons of audio content to bring you for your listening pleasure. We published four podcast episodes last week from Geneva, and you can find them all below (or you can download them wherever you get your podcasts). 

In these episodes, you’ll hear our instant reactions to new releases from Tudor, Grand Seiko, Rolex, and more. We also take you through what it’s like to be at the show itself, from the back to back (to back) meetings, trying to find the right balance between hydration and being fully caffeinated, and the endless search for a place to record. 

If you haven’t already listened, join Zach Weiss, Kat Shoulders, Zach Kazan, and Chris Coe (our intrepid videographer, making his Worn & Wound podcast debut in these episodes) as they experience Watches & Wonders week in real time.

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