The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 117: German Watches and Winders with Bhanu Chopra

On this week’s episode, we’ve got a special guest for you all — Bhanu Chopra. Now, if that name sounds at all familiar to you, that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Bhanu (whose IG handle is @analogdisplay) is something of a mainstay in our little horological space. I met him way back when I first started writing about watches, and over the years I’d see him around at industry events, Baselworld, Windup, and things of the sort, and in that time I’ve gotten to know him quite well. Those steeped in the forums likely recognize him as a longtime fixture over at Watchuseek (where he’s now a Senior Editor) and as the byline for their series, “Flieger Friday.” Bhanu also owns and operates Juvo Luxury, a company that sells watch boxes and winders.

Bhanu meeting Mr. Helmut Sinn for the first time in Germany back in the early 2000s.

Bhanu is also a massive fan of German watches, from the likes of Sinn and Guinand to Stowa and Aristo, and it’s something he and I have in common. I thought it’d be great to get Bhanu on the podcast to talk about his gig writing about watches, his love for German timepieces and what he’s learned on his many visits to the factories where they’re made, and his brand of watch winders. This week’s episode is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop.

On the podcast, Bhanu talks about some of  the great German pieces he has in his collection. These include:

This white-dialed Stowa Flieger he wore on our podcast…
…and this Guinand Regulator he picked up directly from Mr. Sinn.
Oh, and let’s not forget this recent pickup, an Aristo chrono. Bhanu discusses his visit to Aristo’s workshop on our podcast.

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Show Notes

Ilya is Worn & Wound's Managing Editor and Video Producer. He believes that when it comes to watches, quality, simplicity and functionality are king. This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches. In addition to watches, Ilya brings an encyclopedic knowledge of leather, denim and all things related to menswear.