The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 149: All Things Accutron with Aaron Sigmond

Today on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake Buettner and Zach Kazan chat with Aaron Sigmond, co-author and editor of the new book, Accutron: From the Space Age to the Digital Age. Accutron is having a great year, having just relaunched with two new collections. The Spaceview 2020 and Accutron DNA are tech forward callbacks to Accutron’s mid-century glory days, and feature a brand new electrostatic movement, a true watchmaking innovation. And the just announced Legacy Collection recreates favorite references of noted Accutron collectors with surprising fidelity to the originals. Aaron is a noted expert on Accutron’s history, and offers a lot of great insights about where the brand stands today in this wide ranging conversation. 

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