The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 176: Perception vs. Reality in the Watch Collecting Lifestyle

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, we’re discussing the watch collecting lifestyle. It’s a big and somewhat loaded topic, but we wanted to talk about perception versus reality when it comes to watch collecting, the impact of social media on the hobby, and how the visibility of watches in our culture impacts us in large and subtle ways. This week, we’re lucky to be joined by one of our favorite Instagram follows, @watchsymmetry (Thomas, if you prefer to use, you know, real names). Along the way, we answer your questions about watch collecting and the current state of the hobby.

But before that, we talk about some of the key new releases of the past week. This week happened to see a long awaited hand wound chronograph from Hamilton, and some design forward new watches from Tissot and Maurice Lacroix that have proven to be somewhat polarizing, and mesh pretty well with some of the ideas within our main topic. 


This week’s episode is brought to you by Melbourne Watch and their new Collins automatic moonphase. Melbourne Watch is a familiar face to the enthusiast watch community, especially Worn & Wound readers. Founded in 2013, Melbourne is best known for producing stylish and affordable sport and dress watches that offer great value. Melbourne is back with the Collins, a classically-styled automatic moonphase, available in limited quantities at launch. 

Powered by the Swiss-made Sellita SW-280 automatic movement, the Collins moonphase display pays homage to the Australian night sky, depicting the Southern Cross star constellation. At just $775 US, the Collins is a compelling package for anyone looking to get a mechanical complication not typically available at this price point. To learn more about the Melbourne Collins, head to

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