The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 187: Limited Editions, Value in Complications, and Predicting a New Tudor Release

It’s been a busy week in the watch world, and we’re covering a lot of ground in this week’s Worn & Wound podcast to get to as much watch news as we can. First, we take you through the all new Zodiac x Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition, our latest collaboration, and an LE that’s been in the works for a long time. Zach Weiss is here this week to talk about the wide ranging design influences that went into this Super Sea Wolf with a heavy 90s vibe. If sneakers and outdoor gear mean anything to you, and you have a fondness for bold colors in your watches, you’ll want to give this a listen. 

We also spend some time talking about the current state of limited editions following the release of new watches from Ming x Massena Lab as well as Kurono Tokyo. These brands took different approaches with their big releases last week, with wildly different results. We want to put the question to our listeners: what’s the right way to release a limited edition watch in 2021? 

Next, we discuss some of the watches featured in our recent guide to finding value in exotic complications. From Frederick Constant to Gorilla, there’s a world of complications out there that represent a ton of value compared to watches that cost several times as much, and it’s an interesting exercise to pick a handful and look at the highest end and entry level. If you have a favorite value oriented complication that would normally be found in a much higher priced watch, be sure to leave it in the comments. 

And finally, we take our best guesses at predicting the latest release from Tudor. Anyone who has played this particular game before knows how difficult it is (did anyone figure that a sterling silver Black Bay Fifty-Eight would be making its way to us this year?), but we didn’t let that stop us from laying out some fairly wild guesses. 


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Show Notes

Edit: Shouts to listener Chris Sohl for pointing out that there are indeed Rolex ADs in KY!

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