The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 295: Christopher Ward’s The Twelve, the Met Gala, and More

This week on the podcast, Blake Buettner, Zach Weiss, and Zach Kazan are back from a successful Windup Watch Fair in San Francisco, and the conversation turns to one of the show’s biggest new releases, The Twelve from Christopher Ward. Their integrated bracelet sports watch was an immediate sensation at Windup and on Instagram, where memes immediately drew comparisons to other notable (and much more expensive) watches in this same style. But there’s something undeniable about the quality and value proposition of The Twelve, and it impressed even the integrated bracelet sports watch skeptics on mic for this episode. 

A bit later, we took a question from a Worn & Wound+ user about, of all things the Met Gala, and what watches we might wear on the red carpet. While definitely a bit out of our depth, this was a really fun question to answer, and an interesting thought experiment. If you have a favorite look from this year’s Met Gala, or a thought on what you might wear if you got the invite, feel free to drop it in the comments. And if being part of the Worn & Wound+ Slack community sounds like fun (trust us, it is) you can sign up for free right here.

Thirty Seconds to Mars lead singer Jared Leto in a cat costume for the Met Gala. Image via AP.

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