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Time on Screen: Dunkirk

This week on Time on Screen, we’re talking about Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk in an episode sponsored by our friends at William Wood Watches. In celebration of the release of their most ambitious watch to date, William Wood CEO Jonny Garrett joined Zach Kazan and Kyle Snarr on stage at the San Francisco Windup Watch Fair to talk about Nolan’s film and share the story of the Dunkirk Watch. The new limited edition watch was made in partnership with and in tribute to the Massey Shaw, a London Fire Brigade Fire Boat that played an important role in evacuating British forces from Dunkirk Beach in the early stages of World War II. The watch is filled with small and large tributes to the Massey Shaw. The dial is modeled after the telegraph found in the wheelhouse of the Massey Shaw used by the Captain on the bridge to order engineers in the engine room to power the vessel, for example. And each example of the Dunkirk Watch will have a small piece of the Massey Shaw’s engine fitted into the caseback, which depicts Operation Dynamo, the plan that led to the historic evacuation.


In this episode, you’ll hear Zach, Jonny, and Kyle discuss what Dunkirk means to them, and why they feel it’s among Nolan’s best films. And Jonny goes into detail about the making of the Dunkirk Watch, including his experience onboard the actual Massey Shaw, which is currently being refurbished ahead of the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II. William Wood Watches have donated £10,000 GBP to the Massey Shaw Partnership Trust to help fund this effort, which will see the Massey Shaw cross the English Channel next year along with other “Little Ships” that were part of Operation Dynamo to commemorate the anniversary. 

You can find out more about the Dunkirk Watch and purchase one at the William Wood Watches website.

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