Time on Screen: Ex Machina

Time on Screen is back this week, and Zach Kazan and Zach Weiss are talking about a movie that doesn’t really have anything directly to do with watches, but has us thinking about some things pertaining to the industry. Ex Machina is Alex Garland’s 2014 directorial debut, and it’s a sci-fi story that explores the concept of artificial intelligence in an uncommonly thoughtful (and perhaps prescient) way. Artificial intelligence has worked its way into the public discourse in a major way over the last year, and it seems like each week there’s a new example of an advanced A.I. that can make us laugh, trick us, amaze us, or maybe even take our jobs someday. In this episode, we talk about why Ex Machina holds up so well nearly ten years after its release, and how artificial intelligence might be used someday in the watch industry. And, because there aren’t really any watches in Ex Machina, we take this opportunity to do some watch casting, deciding what watches work best on our main characters.


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