Time On Track: The 2024 CANADIAN GP

And just like that, we’ve got a season.

Yes, Max Verstappan won the Canadian GP, in a race where strategy and rain played a large role. However, that is not the important storyline this week. It’s the fact that there were four other drivers who could have. With Mercedes now joining the fray, we have 3 and a half teams (sorry Checo) that can legitimately fight for not just podiums, but for wins as well.


In addition to this welcome change, we got quite a race from the rest of the field. Haas rolled the dice. Danny Ric and Ocon responded right. Ferrari was nowhere in sight. And drivers that got new contracts ran for their post race flights. Add all those things together and this was easily the best race of the year.

Tune in and listen to this episode for more of our thoughts on the 2024 Canadian GP.

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