Time On Track: The 2024 Chinese GP

No one puts Danny in the corner!

Another week of racing and this time we find ourselves at the Chinese GP. Last time F1 graced this track, it was 2019 and many were complaining about Mercedes dominance. In 2024, Red Bull is the one with a stranglehold on the paddock and it showed in both the sprint and race with Max Verstappen taking the checkered flag in both events.

Yet the storylines were still plentiful. We had Daniel Ricciardo who finally looked in form until Lance Stroll decided to live the line “Rubbing is racing”. Danny’s reaction had us wondering if an angry Ricciardo is what F1 really needs. There was also the wily old veteran in Fernando Alonso who had us glued to our seats in the closing laps of the race. We were even treated to spontaneously combusting grass. Tune in and listen to this episode for more of our thoughts and observations of the 2024 Chinese GP.

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