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Enter The Studio With The Batavi Atelier

Batavi Watches is a boutique watch brand from the Netherlands, who aims is to give watch lovers something for the eye and for the soul.  Combine the vintage aesthetics of classic watch design with Dutch minimalism and you get the Batavi Atelier.  The fourth collection from these watchmakers, building on the strength of the previously covered Batavi Architect, Atelier seamlessly blends the world of dress watches with sporty aesthetics. At the heart of this watch lies the Japanese, premium automatic Miyota 9039 movement. This is a very solid and reliable movement with a power reserve that can run up to 44 hours. The watch measures 39 mm across the dial, 46 mm lug to lug, and 11 mm thick.

This exceptional collection draws inspiration from the spirit of vintage watches and the craft of watchmaking, offering watch enthusiasts a truly unique timepiece that encapsulates the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. The inspiration and concept is taken from the lifeblood and biggest enemy of the Netherlands; The Sea. The dial of each watch features a mesmerizing 3D pattern, reminiscent of fish scales, intricately etched onto the surface. This guilloche-inspired texture adds depth and character, setting it apart from traditional dress watches. The numerals and hands adopt a minimalist approach, exuding sophistication while embracing sporty appeal. The use of white for these elements creates a striking contrast against the dial’s textured background, adding a dynamic edge to the overall design.

Batavi’s name comes from the historical story of a small village people who revolted against their mighty oppressors, while knowing they would not survive the battle. They were called Batavi. With watches already in production, pre-orders for the Batavi Atelier begin today starting around $432.87, with shipping beginning in early October. Learn more about the Batavi Atelier in the Batavi Shop today.

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