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Jack Mason Raises the Bar with the Redesigned Linen Dial Ellum

The arc of Jack Mason could be said to echo that of a budding watch collector. The Strat-o-timer GMT, launched in 2022, kick-started an enthusiast-focused bent that has come to characterize the firm as a whole. Next, Jack Mason released the Strat-o-timer-based Hydrotimer with true dive specifications. Like the watch enthusiast, however, the Texas-based brand has set its sights on a frontier that, over the last few years, has quietly been gaining momentum as collectors have begun to embrace understated elegance again. Enter the new and redesigned Jack Mason Ellum, a true dress watch with all the right stuff.

More than simply a logical expansion of the line of watches at Jack Mason, this new timepiece is a maturation of a product and the mind behind the product. It is often considered more difficult to execute simple designs rather than complex ones, and that is particularly true in the watch world where specifications and complications can often hide a multitude of sins. In this case, the Ellum is a distillation of ideals like getting the small details right, thoughtful case sizing, and generally understanding what true enthusiasts enjoy about mechanical watches.

Undoubtedly the star of the show for the refreshed Ellum is something that cannot be missed: a new striking linen dial. The result of many months of development and an eventual manufacturing technique in which the pattern is randomized, the Ellum’s dial is something that is be appreciated upon every glance, and even moreso on longer looks. Every line is considered, and there is a true three-dimensional aspect to what is typically a rather flat affair. Available in quiet gold and green tones, the dial is sure to reward every closer look while providing that distinct and timeless “Mad Men” aesthetic.

The case of the new Ellum has seen a lot of love and attention as well. Downsized from its original 40mm size to 38mm, the Ellum sits at what many would consider the “size sweet spot” – certainly it is a more true mid-century dress watch form factor. All this is done in the name of creating a timepiece that is an authentic expression of a vintage dress watch rather than a mimetic idea. The compact 45mm lug to lug measurement and 9mm thickness further cement this redesigned case as something that can truly be worn by anyone in virtually any setting.

Speaking of setting, the new Ellum is powered by the manually-wound Sellita SW210 with full decorations and regulation for accuracy within +/- 5 seconds a day. Opting for a manual movement is clearly a conscious exercise to encourage the wearer to take a moment and interact with the timepiece in as pure a way as possible. Jack Mason’s redesigned Ellum is paired with an Italian leather strap and is priced at $949. Learn more on the Jack Mason Shop.

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