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Roam the Starry Skies with the Wandering Hour Spaceship from Atowak

Atowak is proud to unveil its latest wandering hour masterpiece – the Atowak Spaceship. This spaceship-inspired watch pays homage to the universe, blending the adventurous spirit of interstellar exploration with the mysterious beauty of the unknown cosmos. The Atowak Spaceship launched on Atowak’s official website on Oct 24th, 11 AM EDT. The MSRP of Atowak Spaceship is $1,899, you can save 10% at checkout with the code ‘AK10’. 

The Atowak Spaceship boasts a unique spaceship-inspired design that captures the essence of interstellar exploration. With precision-polished sleek lines and contours, the watch mimics the streamlined shape of a space vessel, symbolizing the boundless spirit of curiosity and discovery. The patented wandering hour wheel design draws inspiration from the massive rotating gravity wheel at the rear of a spaceship, enabling you to embark on a time-traveling journey without losing sight of the mechanics. The integration of the second hand with the hour wheel adds a sense of slow roaming, connecting you to the vast universe with each passing second.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the wandering hour wheel features exquisite craftsmanship. The large hour indicator discs, made from aviation-grade aluminum, have been meticulously polished to create a superior texture. Innovative indicators below each numeral assist users in achieving precise timekeeping, further enhancing the watch’s functionality.

In a break from tradition, the Spaceship utilizes an unconventional giant sapphire crystal design that provides an exceptionally wide field of vision. The crystal’s streamlined upper portion seamlessly fits with the overall case, while the flat bottom area offers a clear view of the time. This unique crystal, demanding several times the cost of regular crystal, reflects Atowak’s commitment to perfection in creating the perfect spaceship.

The case of the Spaceship comprises three pieces of 316L stainless steel, each meticulously crafted to showcase Atowak’s relentless pursuit of impeccable quality. The see-through case back features a subtle curvature, ensuring a snug fit on the wrist. Every component is precisely carved using CNC, maintaining accuracy within 0.03mm. The polished edges complement the matte finish, mirroring the brilliance of distant stars in the vast cosmos. Inspired by spaceship command decks, the Spaceship’s floating crown features a creative and innovative design. Driven by a precise gear system comprising three gears, this floating crown system embodies Atowak’s commitment to technological exploration and advancement.

The hour discs and minute track of the Spaceship are filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova, providing clear time observation in dim environments. Symbolizing the spirit of exploring the unknown, this luminous feature guides us forward, whether in the dark night or the vast cosmos. Designed for maximum comfort and functionality, the Spaceship’s strap features a quick-release system reminiscent of spaceship quick ejection systems. With a simple twist, the strap can be replaced without the need for tools. The FKM rubber strap is highly resistant to oil, acid corrosion, oxidation, and atmospheric aging, making it an essential feature for any adventurous journey.

The Atowak Spaceship launches on Atowak’s website on October 24th, 11 AM EDT with a limited 300 pieces. Use the code AK10 to save 10% upon ordering at this link in the Atowak shop.

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