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The Quintessential Everyday Watch Meets 4.5 Billion Years of History in the Meteorite Traska Commuter

Nobody was around to notice when the Muonionalusta meteorite crashed to Earth over one million years ago. It had already been hurtling through space for many billions of years before it finally entered our atmosphere. It lay undisturbed, sleeping through ice ages and the birth of civilization, until it was discovered barely a century ago by a river in Sweden. Now, you can wear a piece of it on your wrist.

While by no means the first independent brand to release a meteorite-dial limited edition, TRASKA has done it in their own way. By combining the meteorite dial with their Commuter model, they’ve blended the everyday with the eternal — a quintessential ‘GADA’ watch enhanced with a dial as old as planet Earth itself.

First released in 2020, The Commuter’s vintage proportions and durable frame blur the lines between formal and casual, making it a sure choice for all occasions. Over the course of three iterations, the Commuter has been subtly refined, with the boxed sapphire crystal allowing for a slimmed down case, resulting in superior ergonomics and aesthetic appeal.

Despite its understated appearance, the Commuter is nevertheless a robust tool with 100 meters of water resistance. Thanks to TRASKA’s signature hardening process, it’s also virtually impervious to scratches. Originally released in 36mm, 34 and 38 mm versions were released in 2023 on a limited basis and in a range of new colorways. The meteorite dial will be available in all three sizes, with just 50 pieces made per size. 

Not only is this a limited-edition, but every piece is unique. This is because of the rare phenomenon that occurs when molten rock cools in the vacuum of space, resulting in an exquisite pattern of equilateral triangles. The so-called Widmanstätten pattern cannot be replicated and means that no two Commuter Meteorite dials are alike.

The Meteorite Commuter is powered by the Miyota 9039 movement. 50 pieces will be made available in three sizes: 34mm ($785), 36mm ($845), and 38mm ($865). Available exclusively via pre-order from Sunday, April 21 at 11:00 AM ET. Watches will ship in June. To learn more and secure one for yourself, head over to traskawatch.com


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