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Watch the Global Release of Chasing Microns from Horage

Chasing Microns is a full 25-minute documentary that delves into the past and present of Horage with a glimpse into the future. Today, the full 25-minute documentary is released to the public, with an opportunity to watch right here for Worn & Wound readers. The film was produced by Eutopia Films with 2023 Oscar Award-winning director of photography Niki Waltl. This intimate look into the challenges of independent watchmaking is a must-watch for any enthusiast wondering what it takes to perform at the pinnacle of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The documentary weaves five shorter stories into a full narrative of Horage and their commitment to independent Swiss watchmaking. Hear from Tzuyu Huang, the founder of Horage, and Florian Serex, a veteran engineer who helped forge the Horage calibre. Jonas Nydegger furthers insights into Horage’s history of high-precision movements. Horage Chief Marketing Officer Landon Stirling shares his approach to branding that has helped Horage etch out greatness. Finally, CEO and co-founder Andreas Felsl shares a top-level approach to navigating the uncertain world of watches. It’s all inside Chasing Microns.

Watch the video above and scroll through exclusive behind the scenes photos from the production below.


Headquartered in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, the company originated in 2007 when husband and wife founders Andreas Felsl and Tzuyu Huang began discussing a new watch brand. Tzuyu had already established a successful OEM sourcing firm in Biel/Bienne that served many watch brands. Success was dependent on the success of those brands, however, and to become truly independent, a new brand would have to be formed. Following Omnium’s debut at Basel World in 2009 and Jonas-K1 in 2015, HORAGE established itself as a true independent Swiss watchmaker. Engineering, sourcing, logistics, design, production and marketing are all in-house today, but also supported remotely from members of our team the world over. Learn more about the latest collections from Horage at their site today.

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